First you achieved the important milestone by earning your degree and thought that part of your life was behind. The next step was landing your dream job and finding the love of your life. While true love may have swept you off your feet, your dream job left you hanging. If you’ve decided to return to school but aren’t sure how to keep your better half happy, here are a few tips to make that happen.

Get Organized

In between work, family and now school commitments, even the most organized person can feel overwhelmed. To avoid burn out, you need to get organized and accept that you can’t do it all. Each week, make a list of the most important things that need to done. Seeing your schedule on paper makes it easier to feel accomplished when you mark each task as complete. You should also create a chore sheet where you and your partner divvy up the household chores. Even though you might need to shift some of your responsibilities, it’s better to have this hashed out as opposed to letting things just pile up.

Find Ways to Reduce Stress

Life can be pretty stressful but once you go back to school, your stress levels may soar. The best way to offset this negative emotion is by looking ways to keep it in check. For example, if getting ready in the morning is always a mad dash to the finish line, prepare everything you need the night before. Even having five extra minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee can make a huge difference. If paying for school is a concern, you can submit an online application with a private lender. Unlike traditional bank loans or funding from the government, you can usually score a lower interest rate with better loan terms overall. Prior to accepting, take your time and compare offers from more than one lender.

Date Night

Even the happiest of marriages still need a little TLC. Ignoring your partner and not spending time together as a couple is a recipe for disaster. At least twice a month, plan a date night where it’s just you and them. This is even more important if you have children. You can even plan a weekend away where you can reconnect.

Practice Self-Care

You also need to take care of yourself. Whether it’s a day where you just stay in bed watching your favorite Netflix series or doing an activity you enjoy, you need time to decompress. Also, don’t forget to focus on your physical health as well. Even if you can’t hit the gym like before, you can still implement exercise into your day. Take the steps instead of the elevator or walk during lunch instead eating at your desk.

Celebrate the Little Things

Finally, don’t forget to celebrate all of your achievements, no matter how big or small. Whether you earned a perfect score on your exam or finally understand coursework that was confusing before, you need to pat yourself on the back.


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