Sometimes you see somebody wearing something that really catches your eye, especially when it’s teamed with staple items that everyone has in their wardrobe. Many of us would love to wear an item that makes a dramatic statement, but it can be hard to know how to pick such a piece, let alone how to wear it.

A statement piece doesn’t have to be particularly bright or have a bold print, it can just be an eye-catching design. If you’re keen to add a special piece to your wardrobe, there are a few things to consider before you go shopping:

What kind of item can you wear as a statement piece? 

A statement piece can be almost anything, depending on how you wear it, from a hat to a pair of shoes. You can choose a piece of standard clothing such as a shirt or even jeans, add something that you wouldn’t normally wear such as a hair accessory or belt, or add a piece of eye-catching jewelry to an otherwise understated outfit. 

You may have had your head turned by a particularly beautiful jacket or a pair of shoes that look absolutely fabulous, but if you’re thinking of purchasing a statement piece, you need to be realistic about your existing wardrobe. If you live your life in flats and sneakers, are you actually going to wear a pair of stilettos, however beautiful they may be?

Try and focus on ‘upgrading’ an item that you already have and wear a lot rather than reinventing your entire look all in one go. If you usually wear quite muted colors, then a statement piece could just be a standard shirt but in a bold print or a brighter tone than you would usually choose.

When shopping for a statement piece, have your existing wardrobe in mind and consider how you could style the piece you are looking at with items you already own.

If your standard look is pretty dressy, then a piece of statement jewelry can be a bold addition to your look, especially if you normally don’t wear any or tend towards more understated pieces. It’s also a great idea to add a bolder print or striking color to an outfit you usually wear to give it a new lease of life and make you feel great about a favorite outfit.

How to wear a statement piece 

One of the key things about wearing a statement piece is that it only makes a statement if you wear it with the right outfit. Some people always dress in bright colors and unusual prints, but if you want your statement piece to stand out, then you need to ensure that you give it center stage.

Whether you’ve chosen a bright or bold color or a novel design, you want that to be the focus of what you’re wearing, so combine it with understated wardrobe items that will not draw the eye away from the main focus of your outfit. Muted colors such as grays and soft blues can provide the perfect background for a statement piece, and teaming it with black can also create a visual contrast that will really draw the eye.

Statement jewelry and accessories are often best accentuated by understated outfits with classic tailoring, simple designs, and nothing too outlandish in terms of colors or prints. They can make a simple evening dress into an eye-catching outfit or turn a work suit into an outfit fit for a night on the town.

If you’re considering a statement piece, then you are probably not shy about having people look at you, but you may be surprised at how many people notice a truly fabulous item of clothing or accessory. Expressing yourself through your clothes is a great way to make yourself look and feel great, so choose a piece that you will love wearing and make sure the rest of your wardrobe is ready to be the supporting cast to a new star of the show.


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