While the world of fashion may often seem confusing and overwhelming to many people, there are simple dos and don’ts that can go a long way toward helping you confidently put your best foot forward when it comes to style. For instance: when in doubt, stick with clothing in neutral tones versus flamboyant colors, opting to add color and visual interest through accessories and shoes instead. Another great tip is to always have a go-to outfit in your closet; that way you will always be prepared no matter what comes up. That being said, it important to be aware of the top five fashion mistakes that people make so that you can take care to avoid them yourself.

1. Wearing Oversized Clothing

For both men and women, oversized clothing can be a nemesis that is hard to separate from. Whether for comfort or insecurity, bulky clothing typically does the opposite of what the wearer is trying to accomplish. If the goal is to hide your body, bulky items will only add attention to those problem areas and make you look thick everywhere else as well. If you are trying to simply be comfortable, oversized clothes may do the trick but they will also make you look unkempt and slovenly. The solutions? Opting for a tailored piece with a looser-fitting counterpart is a good bet when trying to camouflage problem areas, as it draws attention to where you are confident and works to subtly hide where you are not. A great example of this would be pairing a fitted skirt with an airy blouse, or matching a loose pair of jeans with a fitted top. Likewise, choosing great fabrics can go a long way in promoting comfort without sacrificing style in the process.

2. Pants That Are Too Long Or Bulky

Nothing is worse than when your pant legs drag along the ground as you walk, creating a dirty, ragged hemline that is often wet or discolored. Not only does this make you look not put together, but it also can be a bit distasteful to others, since wet, dirty clothes can often take on offensive odors. A good way to deal with this problem is to buy pants with specific shoes in mind. Or – if this is not an option – arm yourself with double-sided tape for those situations when you make it out of the house only to find out later that your pants are too long for the shoes you chose to wear that day. Double-sided tape can work wonders in holding up a hemline throughout the day, creating the illusion of perfectly tailored pants every time.

3. Dirty Or Disjointed Footwear

Everyone has been guilty of this at one time or another, but the fact of the matter is that shoes really do say a lot about a person. First, if your shoes are dirty, unkempt, or smelly, it ultimately reflects poorly on you – no matter how well put-together you may be everywhere else. This is especially true when in the workplace, as there is never a time when dirt and grime conducted via a filthy shoe is socially acceptable. Second, if your shoes do not match your outfit, you run the risk of not only looking silly, but also of not being taken seriously. An example of this would be wearing flip-flops with a nice skirt, tennis shoes with dress pants, or open-toe sandals in the dead of winter. This also applies to the ever-popular socks-with-sandals look and the idea that skippers can double as day-wear. It is vital that your shoes reflect both who you are as a person as well as the situation you are in. This is not to say that every show in your closet must be a name-brand, expensive shoe, but there is something to be said about having a few pairs that you can fall back on for any situation.

4. Inappropriate Clothing

While most people are aware that dressing in low-cut, too-tight, or excessively revealing clothing is inappropriate, there are many who may be surprised to find that other clothes may be inappropriate as well. An example of this would be wearing yoga pants or athletic wear to a business workplace. Many may think that this is not such a big deal, but career-wear typically demands a higher level of fashion than spandex or Nike. Another example would be wearing high heels and spaghetti straps to a job as a PE teacher or waitress. Ultimately, clothing is inappropriate if it does not fit within the job requirements. The more that you can tailor your clothing options to fit within your chosen field, the better.

5. Novelty Clothing

While there is nothing wrong with the occasional graphic T-shirt or funky tie, it is important to note that such clothing items are not typically appropriate for everyday use. This is especially true of those dressing for a job, date, or special event. No matter how attached you are to your Twilight-themed belt or your best-loved sweatshirt supporting your favorite sports team, there is never a place for those items in the wardrobe of someone looking to be taken seriously in the workplace or at an event. That being said, loungewear or sleepwear is fair game – take that opportunity to pull out all the stops and gear up in all the novelty clothing your heart desires.

While the top five fashion mistakes may seem overwhelming at first, just remember that a key component of all if them is knowing the situation and dressing accordingly. Do not feel you have to re-invent the wheel to be considered fashion-forward; make the most of what you have and take care to honor the dress codes and standards of where you are, and you will come out on top.


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