Even though boho weddings started out as a trend, they have become a staple in the wedding community. And what’s there not to love? After all, their connection to nature, overall atmosphere of freedom, and comfy wedding dresses have made them a perfect choice for many brides worldwide.

As their popularity is not decreasing, people have started to wonder about them. What are they, and how can you create one? Well, let’s dive deeper into boho weddings and learn all the details.

Boho Wedding Theme Explained

A boho wedding theme is an artsy-inspired event. It is a perfect example of a wedding for artists and people who prefer the unconventional lifestyle. Imagine a forest fairytale and add art and wood elements to complete the ideal image of your wedding. You can even opt for a boho-inspired wedding registry if your style is leaning that way.

Some couples incorporate a 1970s theme as well, as it works for styling, colours, and materials. You can also expect to see Mother Nature-inspired decorations, like greenery and soft cotton. Getting inspiration from nature and warm colours is a must for a boho-themed wedding.

Elements of a Classic Boho Wedding

To pull off the ultimate boho wedding, you should pay attention to a few elements that will help you tie the whole picture together. Take a look.

Boho Wedding Dress

What would a boho wedding look like without a boho bride? Brides-to-be have a plethora of options when it comes to wedding dresses these days, so finding a boho-inspired one won’t be an issue. Look for the dresses that have a natural, flowing silhouette and pay homage to the great outdoors. That means a lot of lace, embroidery, flowers, and textures.

Eclectic Decor

The thing about boho weddings is that they don’t have to be perfect. You get to mismatch decorations, pieces, and textures. Focus on adding wildflowers, wooden elements, soft arrangements, and various colours that will add depth to the room.

Wedding Cake

The most common cake look you’ll see at a boho wedding is the naked cake. Naked cakes are all the rage right now. The key is to see the layers beneath the frosting. You can also opt for a semi-naked cake, add floral decorations, and more. Similarly, many couples decide that they want their cake to be presented on a slice of a wooden log to complete the whole look.

Unusual Groomswear

The boho groom can also stand out on his special day. Instead of opting for a traditional black, navy, or grey suit, a groom can opt for lighter shades, like cream or off-white. A great choice to tie the whole theme together is a dark green or tweed suit.

Other Ideas

Take a look at a couple of other ideas for a boho wedding:

  • DIY wedding decorations
  • Display of old family photographs
  • Outdoor seating or backdrop for wedding photos
  • Dreamcatchers and feathers as decorations
  • Mismatched rugs in the lounge or wedding aisle
  • Textured metals for a touch of luxury


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