Really? Reasons to get married…are there any? Aside from shotgun weddings and the noisy tick tock of the biological clock, are there really bona fide reasons in this day and age to get married. Apparently, with so many people still doing it and doing it more than once, marriage is as popular as ever. For every person that gets married there is a different set of guide wires that manipulate this decision. More than likely, few people are truly honest about the fact that the number one reason people get married is because they feel like it is the natural course of events that lead through the gateway to adult hood. Fifty years ago, the average of age of marriage was 16 18 years of age. These marriages had a 93% chance of making it till death do us part. For the sake of remaining positive, the figures of today will be withheld, however take a look around your life and do a little math of your own. Not only do we get married older than ever and more times than ever, we also haven’t perfected it after all these years of training.

Yes, this all sounds rather depressing when it comes to those considering marriage. For a young couple on the brink of marital bliss, this article has probably done little to coerce you into marriage. But you just have not read far enough along!

Why Should You Get Married?

There are good reasons to get married today. The first of course is love. With that love comes the blissful brilliance of not being able to see passed next week or next year. It comes with a vision of perfection, the white picket fence and always having enough money in your bank account to pay your bills and take a vacation every month or so. This vision the driving reason to get married, is full of optimism and faith in another person who you never know quite as well as you think you do. But who cares? And this is the number one reason to get married. Love is not the same for everyone. For one couple love can be disguised with money, fancy cars and family connections. For another, it can be an act of rebellion or a crazed assertion of passion. In truth, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you or your partner. It doesn’t matter what they think of your decision to get married. It also doesn’t matter that you haven’t planned or navigated the next 50 years of your life with the precision of an engineer. If you were to do so, you would probably be too afraid to step out of your front door let alone get married to another person. And no matter how strong your will and persistence is it is all up for chance to decide anyways. don’t believe it’…ask any married couple you know!

Other good reasons to get married include the desire to have a family. Let’s be realistic for a minute in 40 years from now who will you have if you go it alone? Obviously, you shouldn’t be running around with a fear of being alone that catapults you into any arms that will hold you. However, the natural urge of human existence keeps us in a pack and this pack is called a family. Having children is a natural desire of many people. It is also a natural evolution of growth. And, for lots of us it happens accidentally. You may not have chosen it, planned it or even knew you wanted it but then it happens. This too, is a great reason to get married. Shotgun weddings, especially when the two people have been together for a while are often the centripetal force that a relationship needs to take it to the next level. Men and women in this situation attempt to do the ‘right’” and accepted thing and exchange vows in effort to make their family sound. Bottom line is it was probably sound all along.

Another reason to get married is for the sheer sake of trying something new. Honestly, how long and often can you simply do the same thing over and over again? Even though your marriage will end up being routine and sort of predictable’…dating endlessly and continuously looking for the one can prove to be a painstaking waste of time. Sometimes, it is best to love the one you are with and decide with faith that you are going to make this work. Where is the harm in committing yourself to another? Why would it be a bad thing to finally decide that you want to settle down? Eventually, the rat race of dating for quite simply more of the same, becomes shallow and quick ended. If you have had enough, then deciding to get married and taking one person in your life as seriously as you take yourself is good reason enough.

There are of course horrible reasons to get married. Interestingly, many of these too can provide healthy, happy, and fruitful relationships. More than likely, you will look back on your life and find that your reasons to get married were somehow distorted. And then you will see that you were quite comfortably riding in the hands of fate and destiny to a place in life that you were intended to be in. Hopefully, love is at the backbone of every decision to get married. This love may not be the picture perfect definition you see in the movies or read about in books but it is love indeed. The important thing to remember is that your reasons to get married, may be the same reasons to stay married. If you commit to the idea of marriage in the same way that you do sustaining it you may be lucky enough to experience something very few people today do’…longevity.


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