Modern life may seem to have become easier and simpler, but there has also been a marked increase in stress-related illness and mental ill health that has been associated with modern life. The main group of people in Canadian society experiencing high levels of stress are professional workers and businesspeople.

The age we live in has increased pressures as social media dominate, career opportunities for growth are few and far between and the current global health crisis has made for a difficult time for all of us. Finding ways to cope with increased stress or to deal with such stress is a great first step towards improving mental health and reducing anxiety.

1.   Outdoor pursuits

Find something to do outdoors – in the larger scheme of things it does not really matter what it is you do, but being outdoors is the key. Research has shown that 30% of Canadians don’t participate in outdoor activities. Take up bird watching, go for walks or hikes, even just routine gardening is great for the health and should be one of the easiest ways to relieve and reduce stress. The key to remember here is that the outdoor pursuit must not be too difficult or cost too much, as these types of pursuits or pastimes are likely to raise stress levels as they become an additional financial burden.

2.   Indoor online games as a way to relax

An indoor pursuit that allows you to compete with others, chat and just relax while you game is a good way to relax and de-stress. There are some exciting games available for all and it is about doing your research, reading the reviews and spending some time on the gaming platforms to find what best suits your taste and budget.

3.   Family time

Spend time with family and friends. It is proven that those who are able to build close relationships, are also those who live a fulfilled life. Some 62% of Canadians noted that the secret to a happy life was spending time together as a family. These people are also able to find and use healthier ways to cope with stress. Using the family or friends as a buffer for stress, using them to communicate and engage with rather than looking for negative stress coping mechanisms such as alcohol or drugs.

4.   Study something, learn a language

Learning a language is proven to stimulate both halves of the brain, which can in turn serve to build resilience against stress. Pushing yourself beyond your areas of comfort is a sure-fire way to build mental strength and will protect against stress.

5.   Home improvements

Fixing the home is a great way to relax. Painting is an all-time favorite, and it can serve to both take the mind off the day-to-day slog as well as adding value to your property. Just do not do anything like plumbing, paving, tiling or electrics, as these may serve to increase stress, keep it simple, clean the BBQ, buy a new pressure washer.

Stress is a proven killer and anything that you can do to either reduce the amount of stress that you are exposed to or help you manage the stress that you encounter will serve to protect you in the long run. The tips mentioned in this article are all worth trying as they have been proven to reduce and relieve stress – try one at a time and determine which ones work best for you in your struggles with stress.


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