An immersive and comprehensive learning course for PRINCE2® Foundation & practitioner training will help you gain skills of project management that are industry-agnostic. You can customise PRINCE2® in a wide range of diverse scenarios and environments of projects. The skills of project management that you will build through this training course will help you handle the project of varied complexities, scales and sizes across geographies and industries. You will learn how you can alter projects on the basis of the environment. You will also be able to manage project risks efficiently, control the utility of resources, and manage the delivery of the product. Regardless of your experience in project management, PRINCE2® offers a significant addition of skills stack.

It Is Time to Upgrade Your Career in Project Management

The pleasurable and all-inclusive PRINCE2® Foundation & practitioner training course prepares its candidates for the sixth edition examination of the official PRINCE2, making certain that they have the internationally recognized and latest certifications of project management to their name. AXELOS provides the designation of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioners to those who clear the test to prove their understanding. The certification of PRINCE2® Foundation & practitioner training course validates one’s expertise as a professional in project management.

AXELOS Limited has permitted some registered trademarks, for instance, AXELOS, PRINCE2® Practitioner, PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2®. Under the authority of AXELOS Limited, there is a trademark called the Swirl logo™. The only EI or Examination Institute for the conveyance of Examination services and AXELOS Accreditation is People Cert International Ltd., with the registered trademark of People Cert®. Along with People Cert®, another certified partner of ATO or an Accredited Training Organization and AXELOS is Knowledge Hut.

What Are the Prerequisites in Order to Attend the training of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner?

When it comes to the prerequisites, there are no specific eligibility criteria for one to attend the certifications training course of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner. However, if you are new to this field, we would recommend you first gather a basic understanding of project management. In that way, you can gain all the benefits from the training course. Now, when it comes to the examination of PRINCE2® Practitioner, there are some specific requirements.

Who Is the PRINCE2® Course Most Ideal For?

The PRINCE2® training course of certification will most benefit the following people:

  1. Anyone who wants to build up knowledge in project management
  2. Operational line manager
  3. Programmer and project office personnel
  4. Business change analysts
  5. Product delivery managers
  6. Senior responsible owners
  7. Team leaders
  8. Project sponsors
  9. Program managers
  10. Product managers
  11. Project leaders
  12. Project analysts
  13. Project coordinators
  14. Project managers

The practitioner course of the PRINCE2® Foundation will teach you very vital skills like allocation of tolerance, managing change, operational management, problem-solving, management of risks, quality review, quality management, quality control, quality planning, management of benefits, and justification of business. Now that you know enough about the training course, wait no longer to apply.


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