Corporate events can often be perceived as boring and predictable. A great way to shake up the typical itinerary is to hire a comedian as entertainment. They bring an interactive element to your event and keep things light-hearted, providing relief from the typically work-centric occasion.

Happiness has proven to reduce stress and make people more productive. Who wouldn’t want their employees leaving a company event feeling refreshed and reinvigorated about their work? 

There are many things to consider when not just hiring a comedian, but one that is right for your event.

Define What You’re Looking For

Comedians cover a variety of humor types, from physical to straightforward jokes. Think about the company you are hiring the comedian for and what style of comedy would best suit the group. 

Are you using the comedian as an icebreaker in a group setting? Putting the focus on someone else is often a great way to get people comfortable around colleagues. 

Remember that some comedians slip mature content into their set. Is your corporate event the type that can let this slide, or should you err on the side of caution and choose someone whose jokes are totally clean? 

Picking the right comedian will help set the tone for the event.

Check Out the Local Scene

Oftentimes the best comedians can be found in close proximity to the venue you’re holding the event in. Local comedy scenes can be tight-knit, with venue owners often acting as agents for their acts.   

Reach out to venues and ask for recommendations. You might even get the chance to attend a show yourself to see the comedian in action. 

Scour Social Media

Searching through Facebook for comedy in or around the area of your event may turn up entire groups that you can tap for information. If you’re looking for a national act, social media can offer reviews from people who have actually attended a show or two. 

Sifting through hashtags on the likes of Twitter and Facebook can also help narrow down what you’re looking for. You may be able to see video clips of the comedian, thus getting a taste of what they’re like on stage.

Ask Colleagues

Chances are, you know someone else who has put on an event in the corporate world. Talk to colleagues who have had experience booking comedians, and who may be able to recommend one for you. 

You might also admire other corporate events you have attended or have general knowledge of. Try reaching out to the organizers to see what they recommend in the way of comedic entertainment.

Make Sure They Fulfill Basic Needs

Entertainers often book out in advance. When reaching out about a comedian, make sure their availability suits your event and that you can put down a deposit to secure them. Are they ok with not only the date, time, and place, but also the equipment provided? Do they have special requests that need to be fulfilled and are you okay complying with them? These details may feel small compared to everything else, but they are just as important.




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