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Fall Back into Fitness Day 5: Total Stretch


Fall Back into Fitness Day 5: Total Stretch

For our final day of the Fall Back into Fitness Event, we’ll focus on fitting in a total-body stretch. Stretching is an important part of this plan because it can improve performance, increase flexibility, range of motion and relieve stress — all important benefits that can may help you reach your goals faster, or at the very least, help you feel better while you work toward them!

In the workout video, we’ll do a gentle stretch session designed to help build total-body flexibility and enhance relaxation. All you’ll need is a small space, a sturdy chair and a mat or towel to sit on.

Prefer to do your own thing? Awesome! Schedule 20–60 minutes of your favorite flexibility routine.

Log this workout in your MyFitnessPal app as “MILD STRETCHING”

Hey, Team! Let us know once you’ve completed your workout today! Tell us about it in the comments below, or tag us in your social media check-ins  #MFPFallIntoFitness @myfitnesspal so we can cheer you on!


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