You might have been tempted by ingredients in personal care products, such as sea salt, enzymes, or organic products. However, if you are interested in natural products, you might consider going right to the source. That’s because they will be fresher and have fewer additives. In fact, some of the same tips to improve your diet and nutrition lead you to already have some of these natural products on hand as they are hiding right in your kitchen.

Products for Hair Growth

If you want to grow your hair as long as possible, you might want to start with castor oil. It’s a fatty acid that offers important nutrients and proteins to your hair follicles. At the same time, it can prevent inflammation. You can purchase castor oil for hair growth since it offers natural nourishment. It has the added benefit of supporting the scalp, skin, lips, and nails, so you can use this beauty staple for many things.

Natural Hair Care Products

You can use honey on your hair and skin. Just put some in a squeeze bottle in the shower when you need a conditioner full of moisture. It can draw moisture into the hair, and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue. That’s because the warm water allows it to rinse out easily, leaving your strands soft and shiny. When you need more protein to strengthen your hair, consider using eggs.

They are perfect for creating a mask for damaged strands. Whip them up slightly and put some olive oil in as well. Spread this over your damp hair. If you want to ensure everything is mixed together well, you might consider mixing it in your blender. After applying the mask, put a shower cap and towel over your hair to keep it in place. Allow it to sit there for about 10 to 20 minutes to allow it to soak in. This is a great mask to use before shampooing and conditioning.

Skin Products

You can use avocadoes to create a skin mask to add moisture. You can purchase pre-made ones, or you can make your own by smashing an avocado and spreading it over your face. It adds enzymes, nutrients, and moisturizer to your skin without the additives. It can be easier to spread if you put it in a blender with some olive oil. To exfoliate, you can use fine to medium cornmeal with some yogurt or olive oil. It will be gentle but effective, and you can use it each day. You can also create an olive oil and sugar scrub to use in the shower.

Other Uses of Natural Products

You might not have known that you can use olive oil to remove makeup from your eyes. Just put a little in a jar in the bathroom, and apply it to a slightly damp cotton ball. It quickly removes the makeup and does not sting your eyes. Just try not to get any in your eye as you are using it. Salt and sugar are great for exfoliating your hands and feet. Add it to honey and olive oil to quickly treat the affected areas. Just remember that it’s a little too strong for the delicate skin around your face.


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