Cannabis laws, and by extension cannabis seed laws, are constantly shifting. There is currently no federal medicinal or recreational legalization legislation, leaving it up to each state to form its own laws around the subject. In many areas of the United States, finding and purchasing cannabis seeds is an easy task that carries no legal ramifications. However, that may not be the case for every state. 

Since many states do allow people to grow marijuana plants for personal use, there are a lot of options for marijuana seeds out there, especially when shopping for them online. Even in states where purchasing and consuming marijuana products still carry hefty criminal penalties, it is possible to purchase cannabis seeds online. However, it is essential for people to understand their local laws to avoid any serious legal ramifications when purchasing cannabis seeds. 

Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

In most states where it is legal to grow one or more marijuana plants, purchasing seeds online is not an issue. In states where this is not the case, buying cannabis seeds online can still be done so long as they are ungerminated. Ungerminated seeds are considered souvenir or novelty items and are not a problem in most states as long as they are never planted. 

Cannabis plants and seeds are still federally illegal, regardless of how a state handles them. However, it is nearly impossible for federal agencies to monitor potentially illegal online purchases of cannabis seeds, as there are too many to cover. Additionally, the United States Justice Department has publicly stated that it does not prioritize legally pursuing the purchase or use of cannabis products in states that have passed legislation that allows for medicinal and recreational use. 

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Cannabis enthusiasts who wish to buy seeds do not wait for the local or federal laws to catch up to them. Reputable online seed banks are available, and they allow customers to make discreet purchases. They will also ship cannabis seeds in discreet packaging so it is not obvious what is in the package even if the package is opened during shipping. 

Searching for Cannabis Seeds Online

Since states have been rapidly legalizing the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana over the last decade, the demand for cannabis seeds has gone up significantly. Online cannabis seed banks have grown in popularity, but not all of them are equal. Shoppers who want to buy cannabis seeds online will need to be sure they are purchasing them from a reputable site that carries high-quality seeds. 

The best online cannabis seed banks will have a few important traits. First, they will offer discreet payment methods, such as through the use of cryptocurrency or secure third-party payment vendors. They will also have detailed information about the strains they offer, including the genetics and cannabinoid content of each strain. Lastly, they will have a user-friendly website that has been up and running for longer than a few months. 

Is Using Cannabis Legal?

Whether it is legal to consume cannabis depends on where a person lives. To date, there are 18 states that have passed laws allowing recreational use of marijuana and 37 states that have laws allowing for the medicinal use of marijuana. Be sure to read up on local laws about cannabis before purchasing seeds even if they are only purchased as souvenirs. 

Buy High-Quality Cannabis Seeds Today

Whether you want to buy cannabis seeds to grow your own plants or to have them as novelty items, there are plenty of options available. Reputable cannabis seed banks that carry dozens of high-quality strains can deliver discreet packages to your door so you can get going on your dream collection today. 


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