Flowers on Valentine’s Day is one of those romantic traditions that simply will not die, and for good reason. It makes people happy. Flowers are an immediate sign of love and honor, an emotional pick me up, and a joy to have around the house. Flowers are thought to soothe and provide warm environments that reduce stress and induced romance and even communication.

The common red rose indicates a strong feeling of love, and its universal symbol has been known to provoke excited utterances throughout the world. Of course if you’re not quite ready to make a strong statement of emotion and would rather tone it down to something along the lines of, “I really really like you and think you’re very cool,” there are options such as white, yellow, purple, even an interesting shade of green that all has its own symbolic meaning. A mixed bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day can make a person feel remarkably special and wonderfully empowered with emotion.

While roses are of course the most common flower to send on Valentine’s Day, it is becoming more popular to send bouquets of alternate flowers. I believe this tradition was started by a man who didn’t want any misinterpretation from a bouquet of roses showing up on his girlfriend’s door. It seems he was receiving quite a bit of pressure to ask the big question that he simply wasn’t ready to pop.

Lilacs, carnations, irises, whatever you can imagine can now be sent to the door of your loved one for Valentine’s Day, or to the door of your really really liked one. Whatever you send will receive a warm reception because that’s what flowers do.

Fortunately for the flower sending deficient, flower companies have made it easier than ever to send flowers to just about anyone who lives just about anywhere, for a lot less than you’d think. A beautiful bouquet can be purchased and delivered for about $25-$30, sometimes even with the addition of a Mylar balloon. Most local flower companies can promise same day delivery as long as you call before noon, and some go as late as one or two o’clock.

Not only that, but most places can put together a beautiful arrangement just for your special Valentine just by talking to you about their personality. You don’t need to know the names of the flowers or anything like that. You don’t even need to know what the flowers look like. They can take care of it for you. There are there to serve the flower sending deficient. So as you can see, I am slowly melting away all the typical excuses for not sending your hopeful one flowers this Valentine’s Day.

There are those people who just don’t understand why flowers are such a big deal. They either see them as a waste of money or time. After all, they just sit around and die and why bother to go through all that commotion for something that lasts a few days and then turns brown?

Because it means something to the person you care for. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s silly. If they think it’s a beautiful and a wonderful moment in their day then isn’t that the point? Besides, most people who think getting flowers on Valentine’s Day have never received flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day isn’t just a job for men any longer. Women have recently stepped up to the plate and have begun to return the favor. Although women should consider that men work in interesting environments and it’s not always appropriate to send flowers to men at work. If you are interested in sending your guy flowers this year (which a surprising number of men do appreciate) it is advisable to send them to his home instead of his place of business. Even the macho guy who has his own bouquet sitting at home on his dining room table is likely to poke at your man, which is far from the point of sending them in the first place. Not all men will really “get it,” so don’t be surprised if he stands there staring at you for a moment. But chances are even if he pretends he simply doesn’t understand why you did this, deep down he’ll be a bit tickled.

Flowers are simply one of those all around “you got it right” gifts that can enhance a romantic Valentine’s Day for both of you. You don’t have to wait until you’re head over heels in love to express your thoughts with flowers and (by the way your mother would appreciate a bouquet as well) the meaning of flowers simply aren’t lost in translation. Take a moment and call the florist this year and sit back and watch the fireworks you set off.


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