alive's August 2021 Challenge: Try a New Therapy

Hey there, have you tried any alternative therapies, like acupuncture, massage, or naturopathic medicine?
Therapy, in many alternative forms, has existed for centuries across cultures for both emotional and physical healing, and they can be incredibly effective. This month, explore the realm of healing possibilities, and restore your mind and body with an alternative therapy. Try muscle-relaxing massage or acupuncture, energy-healing practices like qigong or reiki, or visit a naturopath or homeopathic doctor for a fresh perspective and some healing potential.
As you probably know by now, each week of alive’s 12 Months of Wellness focuses on one mini goal as a stepping stone toward the bigger monthly objective. You’ll find the weekly focuses with key tips below.

August 1-7: Consider counseling

  • Not interested in an in-person appointment? Opt for a virtual or phone counseling session.
  • Consider couple’s therapy to help improve your relationship.
  • Research potential extended health benefits to see if your therapy sessions can be covered.

August 8-14: Get a massage

  • Research which type might work for you, such as sports massage, deep tissue massage, or trigger point massage.
  • Look up certified professionals near you (RMT is a common designation).
  • Learn how to do a relaxing self-massage at home, such as a facial massage.

August 15-21: Open your mind to a new wellness therapy

  • With supervision from your doctor, consider a complementary wellness practice, like acupuncture or reiki.
  • Try a wellness practice that involves movement, such as yoga, tai chi, or qi gong.
  • Get creative with art, music, or dance therapy!

August 22-28: Develop a daily practice

  • Reflect on your body’s natural energy cycles. When do you feel most productive? When do you need a little pick-me-up?
  • Design a routine that works for you, incorporating movement and mindfulness.
  • Find ways to bring joy to your daily life.


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