alive's May 2021 Challenge: Make Your Mornings Magical

Hey there, do you love/hate the snooze button? Feel groggy and uninspired as you shuffle out of bed? Rely on approximately 14 cups of coffee to feel conscious before noon?
Life can be challenging, but your mornings don’t have to be. The quiet that comes before others arise is the best time to charge your brain and start your day on a purposeful note. Enjoy the world in a new light this month.
The key to making the most of your mornings? Have something sweet to look forward to. You could prep a crave-worthy breakfast the night before. (We recommend these PB&J Overnight Oats.) You could bookmark a favorite stretching routine and lay out your yoga gear before bed. Or set aside 20 minutes in the morning for reading or meditating.
As you probably know by now, each week of alive’s 12 Months of Wellness focuses on one mini goal as a stepping stone toward the bigger monthly objective. You’ll find the weekly focuses with key tips below. You can also download, screenshot, or print out our PDF calendar with daily to-dos.

May 1-8: Prioritize sleep

  • Aim for 7 to 9 hours each night.
  • Keep your bedroom quiet, cool, and dark.
  • Turn off screens like TV and cellphones an hour before bedtime.

May 9-15: Get moving

  • Start your day with some gentle stretches to ease into the morning.
  • Alternatively, hit the ground running with a morning workout.
  • For a happy medium, develop your own yoga morning practice complete with your favorite poses.

May 16-22: Be still

  • Take a few moments to reflect on what you’re grateful for.
  • Do some morning meditation or deep breathing.
  • Review your goals for the day.

May 23-29: Stay away from screens

  • Try not to reach for your phone first thing in the morning!
  • Accomplish something on your to-do list before getting wrapped up in emails or other correspondence.
  • Set designated social media hours and limits for yourself, if you can.


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