Although most U.S. smartphone users say they’ll keep their phone until it’s obsolete: the average phone owner swaps for something new every two years.

Because of this, there’s a lot of concern about how to discard our current devices, when it’s time to upgrade, and if we’re doing the right thing.

Instead of worrying about the unknowns, these are the top things everyone should consider before the upgrade and why it’s good that you’re having this line of thought.

Why You’re Considering Updating

When you’re upgrading your phone, there’s always a reason why.  What’s yours?  Is it because your current phone isn’t up to date?  Is it running slower, and the battery isn’t lasting as long?  Does your screen have cracks in it?

If it’s none of that, is it because you want the newer and flashier phone that’s out right now?  There’s nothing wrong with this, but it does make repurposing your phone easier down the road because it means that your current phone is still in good condition.

Be honest with yourself about why you want to upgrade because it’ll help you answer the next question.

What Could You Gain From Waiting Longer

Is waiting longer an option for you?  For some, it’s not: especially if their device isn’t functioning well and they’re nervous about missing calls or not being able to answer messages. Although, in that case, it’s time to go ahead and upgrade, they won’t gain anything from waiting.

On the other hand, if you’re upgrading simply because you want a newer version: consider when the next and latest version will come out.  Did one just come out, or would you be purchasing a device that’s already older?

If you can wait for a new release, many cellular companies will offer deals to help you get these phones for cheaper if you switch to their service. 

Of course, waiting through a cycle of phones will give you the chance to buy new phones less often and save a lot of money in the long term. There’s nothing wrong with carrying around a phone that’s a generation or two older when it means you can save over a thousand dollars by not buying the newer one. 

How You’re Going to Dispose of Your Current Phone

There’s an incredible amount of garbage left behind by phone users who only keep their devices for a short period.  Because of this, our environment is suffering.

Instead of simply throwing away your phone, consider selling it to be re-used or passing it on through e-waste recycling.  This keeps it out of the landfills and allows you to help the environment.

The Average Owner Keeps Their Phone For Just Two Years

Although most people strive to try and be more green in how they lead their lives, we’re all consumers at the end of the day- it’s just important that we plan how we consume carefully. 

By paying attention to how you discard your current phone and only buy a new one when you need it, you can save money and do the Earth a major service!


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