Parents everywhere are looking for productive but fun activities for their kids. On the one hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has stifled the ordinary socialization and levels of fun children usually have. Yet, parents are also worried that their child may slip through the cracks when it comes to learning.

How can parents solve both issues at once? Many are turning to online coding classes. Please continue reading to learn why.

Video Games Frame the Lessons

Children have always loved playing video games, from the days of arcades at the mall to today’s world of advanced home gaming on phones, computers, and consoles. The best online programming courses for kids show them how to design and code their own video game.

Not only will kids be able to play the game and share it with friends upon completion of the program, but the course should include gamification, so the same patterns and rewards that encourage them to play video games encourage them to learn STEM skills.

Your child will have so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re being educated.

Professional Coding Languages Only

Some basic coding programs for kids teach things like Scratch, a drag-and-drop course designed to give kids a sense of what coding is like. But it’s not really coding.

Instead, look for a program that teaches the languages professionals use to build video games, websites, and apps used by millions globally every day. Here are a few examples of coding languages kids can learn:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

When your child knows how to use these languages, they’ll be on their way to becoming a professional video game coder, but also so many other things! Learning professional coding languages and programming skills sets them up for a broad cross-section of jobs across industries.

Small Classrooms

It’s hard for anybody to learn a new skill in a disruptive environment, especially children picking up a challenging and involved subject like computer programming. The best online courses teaching programming for kids have a maximum of four students per teacher, so sessions are quiet, organized, and orderly.

It’s even better when the teacher skew on the young side, as this helps ensure they have relevant experience doing coding in school and in the workforce. Young teachers tend to work better with young students because they’re more relatable.

It’s advisable to find a course taught by young teachers who study computer science or computer engineering, so your children get the best of both worlds — fun and expertise.

Safe and Convenient

The last thing parents need after a long day of work is to head into traffic and drive their child to another extracurricular. Online coding courses can be done from home, so they’re safe and convenient for children and parents alike.

There’s a certain type of fun, play, and raw innocence that can only be had in youth. Ensure your children are ready for tomorrow’s workforce but keep all the above tips in mind, so they also have loads of fun today.


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