Craving connection with women who love to travel? Maybe you’re searching for a travel buddy or just want to chat with globally-minded women who share your passion for traveling near and far. If that sounds like you, then join your fellow wandering souls from all around the world at these virtual events in June!

Some of these events are for Wanderful members only, so be sure to join the global community so you don’t miss out! There are also public events that are open to all, whether you’re a traveler or a travel content creator. Wanderful members attend all of these events for free.

Here are our top virtual events for travelers and creators in June 2021.

Wanderful’s June Rundown

  • 2 June: Wanderful Women Wednesday: Our Cornerstone Travel Chat!
  • 7 June: Our Oceans: Being Mindful with Marine Tourism
  • 9 June: 8 Steps to Start Your Blog with Beth Santos
  • 10 June: How to Get Free Accommodation with House Sitting
  • 14 June: Mindfulness Masterclass: The Power of Gratitude
  • 23 June: How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog
  • 29 June: How To Self-Publish a Children’s Book with Author Lauren Pelkey

Virtual Events for Travel Lovers

June 2: Wanderful Women Wednesday: Our Cornerstone Travel Chat!

Free for Wanderful members, open to the public!

Sisterhood, snacks, and socializing: welcome to Wanderful Women Wednesdays!

Wanderful Women Wednesday is our signature monthly event, connecting our travel loving community together in cities around the world. We’ll host themed conversations over our shared love of travel and gain forever friendships in the process.

Each event will be hosted by a different director of one of our 50+ amazing Wanderful chapters who will pick a monthly conversation theme and ask questions so we can share our favorite travel stories.

This event is great for:

  • Anyone who loves to travel
  • Travel creators + small business owners
  • Members of the travel industry
  • And more!

Free for Wanderful Members!

Are you a member of Wanderful? All members get *free* access to this event and events in Wanderful chapters around the world, plus an exclusive online member community, monthly webinars and learning tools, and so much more. To learn more about being a member, click here. Prices start at only $9/month, so it already pays for itself from our Wanderful Women Wednesday events every month!

Our prize this month: We’re excited to offer a super fashionable DELSEY PICPUS messenger bag to one lucky winner at this month’s Wanderful Women Wednesday! Make sure you’re there live when we do the drawing!

This month’s hostess + theme: This month, WWW will be hosted by Karisma Shackelford and Nailah Hayward, chapter directors of Wanderful Los Angeles, and we’ll talk about traveling local, among other travel topics!

How to participate: Bring a snack, beverage of your choice, and find a comfortable, relaxing spot. Turn your video on (or leave it off if you feel more comfortable that way). We welcome all Wanderful members for a fun time together!

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Members: RSVP for free

June 7: Being Mindful with Marine Tourism

For Wanderful members only

June 8th is World Oceans Day! Marine wildlife conservation and protecting our oceans are vital parts of correcting the climate crisis. Join Abbie Synan for this event as we learn a little more about how we as travelers can support our seas.

About Your Host: Abbie Synan is the voice behind Speck on the Globe, a blog focusing on ways to make travel more ethical and sustainable. As a journalist and freelance writer, you’ll find her articles on sites like Matador Network, Unearth Women, Inside Himalayas, and Rewire News among others. She has been working remotely since 2012 and traveling full time since 2013, slowly moving from country to country, while uncovering sustainable travel stories to share along the way. Speck on the Globe was created as a means to highlight the stories of people, programs, and organizations that are changing the tourism industry for more conscious global citizens. In addition to her blog, Abbie often writes about health and wellness and is on the board of the American Association of Birth Centers Foundation, an organization that provides funding for the midwifery model of care and promotes access to quality women’s healthcare options in the US. 

Members: RSVP to join!

June 10: How to Get Free Accommodation with House Sitting

Free for Wanderful members, open to the public!

What if you could travel in a more rewarding way and not pay for accommodation while you’re at it?

Enter: house sitting!

With house sitting, pet owners offer up their home as a place to stay (for free) while the house sitter takes care of their home and pets (also for free). It’s a win-win for both sides! Beyond the tremendous cost savings, house sitting is also a great way to make connections with fellow travelers AND bond with a new furry friend.

Maybe you’ve heard of house sitting and are curious, but think it sounds too good to be true, are unsure how to do it, and don’t know where to even get started. While house sitting is much less daunting than you might think, there is a bit more to it than meets the eye. Yes, house sitting technically means not paying for accommodation, but there is real responsibility that comes with caring for others’ beloved animals and home. If you’re down with that, house sitting could be your golden ticket to expanding your travel horizons.

In this session, Sam will cover:

  • What house sitting is (and importantly, what it’s not) 
  • Benefits of house sitting 
  • Where to find house sits  
  • How to secure your first house sit 
  • And more

About Your Presenter: Sam Anthony is a blogger, podcaster, and author that’s been house sitting to travel since 2016. Originally from New York, she lived in Spain for three years before becoming fully location independent. She’s half of Alternative Travelers, a blog and podcast dedicated to traveling sustainably and responsibly on a budget. Her second podcast is The House Sitting Travel Podcast, which features inspiring interviews with globe-trotting house sitters as well as tips, advice, and more.  She is the co-author of the House Sitting Handbook: Live Your Dream Life Through House Sitting (Wanderful members: grab your discount in the members’ portal).

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June 14: Mindfulness Masterclass: The Power of Gratitude

For Wanderful members only

Practicing gratitude has many benefits, including improved health and self-esteem. This session with Sophia will provide you with exercises on how to begin and sustain a nourishing practice; especially through personal and professional challenges.

About Your Facilitator: Sophia Hyder Hock is the Founder and CEO of Papilia, a company committed to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices for destinations, travel organizations, and content creators. She integrates human-centered design methodologies to empower her clients to be sustainable thinkers and travelers through a greater understanding of diverse perspectives, mindful leadership principles, and communication styles.

As an international yoga instructor and yoga life coach, Sophia incorporates wellness ideologies into all her projects as a holistic way to inspire people to be their best self through life’s many challenges. Her love for travel started at the age of 10 when she moved from California to Sri Lanka. Since then, Sophia has been to 35+ countries and plans to inspire her toddler to be a citizen of the world through mindful travel and learning about his Bengali-American heritage. Learn about Sophia and her mindfulness services, follow her journey on Instagram, and learn about her 14-day virtual self-care retreat.

What She Can Offer: Sophia’s ultimate goal is to motivate you to thrive in anything you do through mindful intention and awareness. On a personal level, Sophia can help you find your inner calm; a space to make decisions that help you feel empowered. On a professional level, Sophia can provide guidance on how to develop meaningful partnerships and how to integrate diverse and inclusive content into your writing style. Sophia will also use a diverse and inclusive lens to review and offer feedback on written content in special review sessions.

Members can rsvp here

June 29: How to Self Publish a Children’s Book with Author Lauren Pelkey

Free for Wanderful members, open to the public!

Have you always wanted to publish a children’s book but don’t really know where to start? 

This webinar with author Lauren Pelkey will teach you how to get started as a self-published author, what platforms are available, the cost of self-publishing, book layout, finding an illustrator, and so much more!  

Lauren Pelkey is a published children’s author, award-nominated travel blogger, entrepreneur, and Creator of Wally The Wandering Wallaby, a children’s brand created to ignite a curiosity about the world and its many different and beautiful cultures. She now resides in Bogotá, Colombia where she runs a small marketing business while building Wally The Wandering Wallaby into a global brand.

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Thank you to our brand partners for making our public events possible!

These companies have made a commitment to increasing representation in travel.

		Wanderful Women Wednesday: June Travel Chat image

There will be live closed captions available for our virtual events. Have accessibility questions? Reply to your Eventbrite registration email or reach out to any members of the Wanderful team in the members-only portal to confirm your requirements or request more information.

Virtual Events for Travel Content Creators

June 9: 8 Steps to Start Your Blog with Beth Santos

Free and open to the public!

Still thinking of starting a travel blog? Have one but not sure you started it right?

Join us for a FREE special workshop where you’ll learn the 8 steps you need to get your blog up and running from Beth Santos, the founder of Wanderful.

You’ll learn the first steps of branding, design, content creation, promotion, and more.

If you’ve wanted to start a blog or you have started and was stalled along your journey, then this is a class that you are not going to want to miss!


June 23: How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog

Free and open to the public!

Want strategies to monetize your blog and earn that income you deserve?

Join Wanderful’s Business Development Manager and Work From Anywhere Coach, Karisma Shackelford, for a completely free and exclusive workshop for Female Travel Bloggers/Women Travel Creators as she teaches you the top 25 ways that you can turn your blog into a profitable money-making business!

These events are part of our exclusive FTB event series, happening from May to July and celebrating Wanderful taking over the reins and transitioning to Women Travel Creators.

As part of this event series, you’ll meet other FTB and Wanderful members, build your skills as a creator, learn more about Wanderful’s inner circle and exclusive sneak peeks on some of our soon-to-come new offerings, and make lifelong connections.



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