College transition rates are still relatively low in the United States, with surveys showing that only about 69 percent of students who graduate high school successfully enroll for college. One of the main reasons for the low transition rates is the hectic nature of academia. By the time students graduate high school, they focus on formal education so long that burnout issues become concerns.

Although some students choose to progress directly from high school to college, others take a gap year. This is a healthy way to compose oneself and destress. You can also spend the time offering services like essay editing and proofreading online.

Personal enlightenment, the formation of lifelong friendships, skills building, and a chance to explore the world are common reasons students choose to take gap years before joining college. It is not surprising that the gap year movement is becoming ever more popular with students worldwide with these benefits. Taking a break from coursework to recompose yourself while still focusing on your education is ideal.

Students thinking of traveling during their gap year struggle with the central question: Where does one go? This article summarizes some of the best gap year destinations.

Visit Australia for Unmatched Fun

One of the reasons students take gap years that involve traveling is increased self-awareness. You want to choose a destination that allows you cultural exchange opportunities and offers chances for improved awareness. For most students, Australia provides a fantastic destination as they can also legally work during the trip. There is no denying that such work is highly sought after and will help you build your resume and experience.

Australia offers students with working holiday visas a chance to get short-term employment, whether in hostels or the hospitality industry. The income you make will fund your travels and give you some cash to spend when you get to college.

Of course, given Australia’s remote and expansive nature as a travel destination, trips here tend to be expensive. However, many part-time work gigs allow students to enjoy attractions while making money to fund their lifestyles.

As a travel destination, Australia is a vast landmass, with diverse climates that include miles of desert, temperate climate, and tropical beaches. Some of the experiences you can enjoy in Australia include visiting koalas and kangaroos. You can also use your trip to learn more about the indigenous people of Australia.

Make a Trip to Cambodia

If you consider traveling to southeast Asia during your gap year, Cambodia should be at the top of your list. The country boasts some of the most renowned beaches and temples. Travelers also get to visit unique islands and experience a culture that offers excellent value for money.

Visiting Cambodia is like taking a step back in history to visit Asia of the yesteryears. The country boasts fantastic culture and a slow pace of life. The locals are very kind, meaning that visitors enjoy a peaceful time as they experience the astounding attractions.

One reason why Cambodia appeals to students taking a gap year is that the region does not just need tourists but also volunteers. There is a high demand for volunteering students who can assist with poverty eradication programs to reach the general communities.

Students can also volunteer to teach local students. In return, travelers enjoy a country filled with fantastic culture and color. Some of the main attractions that make Cambodia the go-to place for those looking for serenity and cultural diversity include:

  • The colossal temples of Angkor Wat;
  • The buzzing capital of Phnom Penh;
  • The beautiful island of Koh Rong Samloem;
  • The breathtaking Sihanoukville Beaches;
  • The dramatic Prasat Preah Vihear.

Go for Internship in England

One of the best ways to enjoy your gap year while diversifying your experiences and building your skills is to search for an internship in England. If you have always fancied the British accent and are fascinated by the royal family, spending time in England will offer unmatched experiences.

The region has some of the most versatile cities globally, with many fantastic academic and internship programs. Some students find it ideal for spending their gap year in England exploring top colleges and developing applications for universities like Oxford.

The United Kingdom offers so many opportunities for fun, including quaint English villages and breathtaking countryside experiences. There is also the bustling vibe of the city of London. There are tons of options for adventure as well as the chance to immerse oneself in volunteer work. A gap year in England ticks all the right boxes whether your decision to travel during your gap year is fueled by a need for independence, work, or fun.

Have Fun Visiting New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular gap year travel destinations, located to the southeast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean. The country offers fantastic options for all types of students taking gap years. There are breathtaking sceneries to enjoy while catching the monstrous waves of the pacific and trekking across the beautiful mountains. Students can enjoy unique forests and lakes.

Besides the nature trails and the relaxed style of life in the region, a special diet and efficient public transport make New Zealand every gapper’s dream travel destination. Of course, many people complain about the long flights one must ensure when traveling to this region. That aside, some of the best gap year programs here can open doors to fantastic study and scholarship opportunities. In the meantime, students also get to expand their global cultural perspective and learn to excel in diverse and challenging environments. These attributes will build your resume and make you an ideal candidate in the increasingly competitive work environment.

Don’t miss out on the chance to see the following attractions in New Zealand during your gap year:

  • Enjoy the adventure capital of the world — Queenstown;
  • Have fun and adventure in Wellington;
  • Visit the Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound;
  • Enjoy breathtaking natural sceneries in Christchurch;
  • Go to the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers.

Visit India for Unending Fun

Taking a gap year can help students build self-confidence and maturity. According to a recent survey, about 97% of gap year alumni report improved maturity and independence, crucial when preparing for college. Activities performed during the gap year, including volunteering and teaching, tend to push learners outside their comfort zone.

If you think of a gap year destination that combines fun, experience, and opportunities, India should be a top choice. The destination offers students limitless things to do and places to visit. The cost of living in India is also relatively low, meaning that your time there will not need you to break the bank.

One reason to put India at the top of your list of travel destinations is the fantastic landscapes. The country is famous for its stunning scenery, from relatively unexplored beaches to dense forest covers. Travelers can also enjoy dunes in the desert. Diversity means that one does not have to leave the country to enjoy different landscapes. Spend some of your time in India hiking in the Himalayas

Other than the landscape, students also choose India for their gap year because of the wildlife. India boasts a wide variety of wild animals, which include snow leopards and elephants. The food is also excellent.

Have Fun Visiting Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica is the best chance to combine travel and volunteering during your gap year. Although the country may be small, it boasts about five percent of the world’s biodiversity, making it one of the most exciting places to visit. There are tons of national parks as well as active volcanoes and coffee-growing mountains.

Students can volunteer their time at animal shelters or help with environmental conservation along the beaches. Life in Costa Rica is quite affordable, meaning that you won’t need to spend much during your gap year experience. What this destination offers is total value for money. If visiting Costa Rica is in your itinerary during the gap year, then plan to visit the nation’s unique marine sanctuaries and wildlife ranges.

Summary on Where to Go for Your Gap Year

The concept of taking a gap year traditionally means spending time abroad on a structured program while taking some break from academics. Today, gap years can happen at any stage and are intended to give students space to relax and unwind. All the options listed here offer fantastic experiences and opportunities. Whatever destination you pick, some activities to consider include volunteer opportunities, conservation work, internships, adventure trips, and summer schools. Where you go will depend on your financial plan as well as your interests. Remember to have fun.


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