In the last couple of decades, Singapore has become a top destination for students of all ages. Some come to the city-state at a young age with their expatriate families, while others move into the country as adults, wanting to further their education or their careers in one of Singapore’s top-tier tertiary educational institutions.

Regardless, there is more to enjoy about studying in Singapore than the country’s disciplined way of life, its warm weather, and its delicious food, although these will likely be among the highlights of any student’s experience! To fill you in on some of the other awesome things students can expect if they’re enrolled in one of the top universities, leading local schools, or top international schools in Singapore, we present you with the quick list below.

A Multicultural Learning Experience

By virtue of its history, Singapore is a melting pot of the Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian, and Peranakan ethnic groups and many other communities. In Singapore, students will accustom themselves to a life where different languages are spoken and different religious and cultural beliefs are practiced, all with equal respect.

Thus, one of the highlights about school life in Singapore—whether it’s in the student’s formative years or in their later years—is that it will be diverse and inclusive. Students will get to celebrate their own heritage, as well as the global values and ambitions that unite them.

A Competitive but Healthy Learning Environment

Many have the impression that Singapore’s learning environment is quite competitive, and to a certain degree, that is true. Singapore often tops global lists for literacy and proficiency in subjects like math and science. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a global policy forum, has consistently ranked Singapore among its top five countries in its Programme for International Student Assessment in terms of achieving key education outcomes.

But in the best Singapore schools, like those lauded in the Singapore Education Awards 2021, the drive for students to perform at the best is also complemented with a culture of care and support. Parents, teachers, and school administrators are keen on establishing circles of support for students. A student in Singapore can expect encouragement not only for their academic performance, but also for their holistic growth. This will come in the form of myriad opportunities for extracurricular and civic involvement.

A Great Balance of Traditional and Technology-Driven Instruction

Another thing that students can look forward to when they study in Singapore is a great mix of traditional and modern educational pedagogies, from preschool all the way up until college. Schools will employ a number of timeless educational methodologies, such as those that develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills inside the classroom. That said, more schools are also starting to adopt more technology into their educational programs, leading students to become both more innovative and more tech-literate in their learning styles.

A student looking for balance between traditional and technology-driven education may find their “sweet spot,” so to speak, in Singapore. They’ll be taught through methods that have stood the test of time, as well as methods that exist in current educational technology frameworks for Singapore schools. To add to the appeal, both will be implemented according to the global standard that Singapore is known for.

Great Prospects for Further Education, Internships, and Careers

For students who complete their education in Singapore, bright futures await. Sometimes, the seeds of success can be sown as early as in preschool. A healthy, encouraging, and academically challenging program in one’s formative years can lead a student to develop their confidence and social skills. This, in turn, will help them bloom where they are planted.

Graduates of Singapore institutions are also attractive prospects to top colleges and universities around the world—especially if they complete academically rigorous educational programs like the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. They can expect better chances of getting into competitive degree programs, securing prestigious internships, and even kicking off rewarding careers.

The Chance to Become an Independent and Self-Determined Learner

Lastly, studying in Singapore will inspire greater independence and self-determination in a learner of any age. For example, due to the efficiency, safety, and reliability of Singapore’s public transportation system, schoolchildren can learn to take either the bus or the MRT to school before they turn 10 years old.

Students will thrive in a general learning environment that’s both disciplined and kind to their personal freedoms. This is definitely something that they can look forward to in addition to Singapore’s excellent academic programs.

Final Words

Whether a student is settling in Singapore with their family or striking it out on their own, the country will be a great destination for learning. There’s a lot of potential for academic advancement, and there are also a lot of opportunities for enrichment beyond the lessons taught in the classroom.

If you want to go somewhere for an excellent and holistic education, make Singapore one of your top choices!


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