Your little buddy looks up to you. It is your job as a dog-parent to make sure they’re happy and healthy. Sometimes it is hard to tell what exactly your pup needs to stay playful and active.

If trips to the vet and all sorts of harsh medication are not making a change in your dog, there are other options. Vets tend to treat physical problems and can occasionally look over your dog’s feelings.

So let’s break down a few alternative healing methods for your dog that are so safe and gentle you might want to try them out too!


Everyone feels calmer after a massage, and dogs are no exception. Your dog runs around all day and never does any cool-down stretches. A massage helps weary muscles and can even lessen joint pain. The relaxation properties have been known to lower a dog’s blood pressure as well.

Your dog will also feel safer and closer to you after a massage, improving your relationship.

If you are nervous about what to do, you can take your dog to an animal massage therapist, and they’ll walk you through the proper steps to massage your friend.


Acupuncture has been sworn by for thousands of years, but canine acupuncture has only been popular the past few decades. This is an easy method with no side effects, provided your dog can sit still for an hour or so.

Needles carefully placed on pressure points and nerves can calm the central nervous system and imbue the body with anti-inflammatory properties. The process is still new in the veterinary field, so be sure to consult your vet before taking your dog to the acupuncturist.


A dog experiences the world through smell. It’s no wonder calming scents can have physical benefits for dogs.

Relaxing smells can even change how a dog’s brain functions, so next time there’s a loud thunderstorm, break out the scented candles for an atmosphere without yelps and barks. You can even put some essential oils into lotion for a calming scented massage.

Some essential oils can be toxic for dogs, so make sure you let your vet what products you’re considering.

CBD Treatment

CBD for dogs has been gaining popularity in the past few years as a safe and easy way to help an animal in pain. CBD oil or even InnovetPet can provide arthritis relief in older dogs. Some pet owners have even reported CBD treatment reducing seizures and increasing cognitive function.

There are no known side effects to CBD as long as you buy from approved brands specially formulated for animals.


This is an entirely non-invasive yet comprehensive treatment that combines many holistic methods. Naturopathy focuses on the animal’s well-being and psychological needs. A good animal naturopath consultant will watch and record everything your dog eats and does in a day to see where improvements can be made.

Some changes include an organic diet, more outside time, or even more conversations with your best friend. This is a total immersion option to completely re-think what it means to raise a dog.

Love Your Animal

All these methods come from empathizing with your dog. Just noticing something is wrong is the first step, then you have many paths toward a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Once you’ve got your dog back to its normal old self — it’ll be time for you to try out these methods and love yourself as much as you love your dog!


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