Ever flipped through the covers of People magazine only to find that not only where the stars stylishly lavish . . . so were their pets? Jewelry for dogs may seem like a frivolous buy in this economy, however, some finds don’t require that you quit your day job. From the lavishly luscious to the cheap yet chic, we have gathered our finest and most fashionable shoppers . . . four legged and human . . . to bring you the best of jewelry for dogs on the web. From sweet boutiques to bigger brands, you’ll find a little bit of everything for the pooch that means everything to you!

Portrait of a Lady
Pups, perfection and pearls, oh my! This lovely little necklace will make your stylish pup the star of the show. Perfect for sashaying around town . . . or for finding the perfect breeding match for your favorite pup . . . this necklace will have all eyes on your pet – and all humans wondering where you got this delightful and ladylike sparkle. (Shh . . . we promise not to tell.)

Style and Crossbones
This pirate inspired jewelry for dogs will have all the other dogs walking the plank with jealousy! As your dog steers the ship – the ship to fashion-town, that is – every pup on the block will go green with envy! (Especially if those dogs haven’t yet got their sea legs.) We picture this on the neck of a feisty Bulldog – or an equally as feisty Chihuahua who believes he’s every bit as big.

Tough Stuff
For the pup who’s too tough to don a sissy necklace or anklet . . . this dazzling, studded harness reminds us of a biker gang’s tag along sidekick. The dog who makes all the others go running in their tracks, the one who rides side cart with a metal spike helmet . . . and a whole lot of attitude. If your dog fits the bill . . . this harness fits your pup!

Whole Lot of Ruffles
It’s couture at its cattiest . . . well, doggi-est . . . this fancy, ruffled number will bring out the socialite in any princess or pauper. Whether you dress up your special someone in a dress for every occasion or whether you prefer to let her wear her birthday suit, this beautiful addition will make her glow, dazzle, shine and be fierce, of course!

Sweet Through and Through
While this charm is intended for dog owners . . . or dog staff, depending on how diva-esque your puppy is . . . it will fit perfectly on to the end of your pet’s collar. Buy one for each of you to match – after all, everyone knows when it comes to being sweet, you two fit the bill perfectly. And besides, at only $40 a piece, these charms are as cheap as they are chic . . . especially since they are a hot brand name. They are the perfect way to dress up a cheaper collar.

Breaking Hearts
Break a few hearts with this beautiful, yet exquisitely inexpensive necklace that will have all the pups on the block howling for more. Don’t have a girl dog? Why not give this necklace to your boy pup’s favorite poodle down the street? If you do, who knows . . . there might be a litter of new pups soon!

Elegant Pup
Though the site’s namesake is for the dog’s villainous counterpart . . . this jewelry is great for both cats and pups alike. Great for walking down the aisle, this little jewelry set would make your furriest bride’s maid look delightful . . . and good enough to make all the other bride’s maids look like, well, dogs.

Lots to Love
Just how charming are these little hugs and kisses jewelry for dogs? Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day of the week that needs a little spicing up, this little necklace adds lots of romance and sparkle to your morning stroll, afternoon jog or appointment at the groomers – and better yet, it brings along plenty of compliments along the way!

Nighttime Bling
The perfect disco-inspired number for that night at the doggie club . . . even if it’s just one that you made up in your mind . . . this beautiful piece of bling has everything your pooch needs to be the belle of the ball. Pair it with her favorite black dress for a look that is sure to make all those puppy heads turn!

Got it Flaunt It
From a pricier collection, this doggie necklace made from precious stones is the kind of piece that every dog dreams of! Luxurious with ruby crystals, this beautiful red necklace will have you a little green with envy. You might even find yourself trying to borrow HER wardrobe!

When it comes to jewelry for dogs, as you can see, your price range doesn’t have to be an indicator of your pet’s style . . . whether you hang with Paris Hilton on her yacht or simply read about her on the cover of Vogue . . . with these beautiful bits of sparkle, your dog and your lives together will shine like the brightest stars in Hollywood.


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