There is a special unbreakable bond people share with their pets. The companionship and intensity of it are lost to them. This bond is even more intense for pets who have been with us since our childhood. 

A childhood pet is most often not addressed as pets but as a son, daughter, brother, or sister in the family. They age with your family, and they are an inseparable part of them. So when a situation arises where someone has to travel with their senior pet, most people only seek the best and most reliable services of a professional pet shipping service to handle their furry family member.

Pet shipping services are shipping services that fully understand the intricacies of relocating senior pets within countries and continents. They strive to ease your worries about your pet’s safety as well as their travel stress. Here are the top reasons why they are a go-to solution for many senior pet parents: 

Hassle-free Professional Services

When you opt for an established pet shipping company, you rely on people who know about animal health, traveling formalities, equipment handling, and more. They can help you understand how their services work. These include offering effective tips on preparing your pets for the journey. 

Moreover, these professionals stay up-to-date on new pet transport regulations. Hence, there are no risks of delay in transporting your pet. All in all, they have pin-point accurate details on all pet traveling aspects such as:

  • Finding a safe and cozy airline kennel for your pet
  • Following proper airline regulations
  • Preparing all flight arrangements
  • Obtaining and utilizing export and import documentation if necessary.
  • Pet Quarantine
  • Boarding reservations and more.

Instead of hurrying around to prepare these for your senior pet’s travel, you can rely on a shipping company to do these for you. A fully booked service can also reduce a senior pet’s stress about traveling without its owner. 

Assured Safety Methods

When your beloved pet is out of sight and traveling by air, it can be stressful for them and you. For these, professional shipping companies have your back. You can call them and ask for updates on the shipping services, your pet’s health, any unforeseen circumstances, etc. You can also receive an update on their travel plans and stay in sync with their daily status. 

If there are any unforeseen circumstances due to bad weather, flight issues, or delay in transportation, you will be the first to know. People trust pet shipping services due to their reassurance of proper and safe pet traveling regulations for pets of all ages.

Time-saving Approach

If you are traveling internationally, you will need multiple documentation to prove your pet’s health and well-being. Senior pets need the most care and management when traveling without their owners. They can panic not seeing you around while moving for days. Therefore, it is crucial to stay up-to-date on their health and well-being before the journey and have all the necessary documents. 

Here, a pet service company can help by gathering and providing the information you need. By doing so, they save your time looking up the immunization process, airline regulations, quarantine period, and more. These responsibilities are all the more crucial as a senior’s pet’s health is more fragile than a baby pet’s. This also saves you from any penalties that you might face due to missing documents.

Affordable Shipping Process

As a busy get-goer, it is not possible to know everything about relocation processes. While you have a pet, you might not know how extensive the preparation is to relocate them internationally. Since there is a great demand for pet relocation and these services have a special passion for pets, their rates are affordable for all pet owners.

Bottom Line

When you travel abroad, check if the airlines and the country mandate professional pet transportation for relocating. By doing so, you can hire a pet shipping service to make arrangements to help your pet move out with you. These services guarantee a senior pet’s overall safety till they reach you again.


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