You want to meet your beloved now, right? How much do we love that energy, that electricity present at the beginning of a meaningful relationship? So much! The risk is that you get stuck, in those in between times, with feelings of unworthiness, fear, loneliness, or hopelessness. We lose any trust that our special someone is out there and we can nosedive into a full out pity party.

Will you allow these three ideas to help you to trust that your next relationship will arrive right on time? 

  1. There is someone out there for you, you’ve both simply got things to do before you meet.

We know that relationships, especially the new, juiciest kind, take up a lot of time. What if this time in the in between stage was perfectly planned because you have things to do…and so does he/she…. What is it you’ve always wanted to learn or explore? Where have you always wanted to go? What is wanting to be completed? What are you feeling called to create, to share, to teach? The Universe may want to hold back the space so that you can do that thing you are really being called to do. If you met that special someone now, you might never get to it. So get to it! If you have no idea what this call might be, decide now to spend more time each week doing things that light you up. What is fun to do? Do more of that!

  1. You would never want bad timing.

Imagine the most, most, most amazing partner for you was all lined up, on a trajectory that had you both meeting two years from now. Got it? Ok. Now, imagine that you are also being given the choice right now to meet another partner sooner, say in the next couple of months, with whom you would create the kind of relationship that, in hindsight, would be just so-so. Maybe it would even have a super fantastic & magical start, but that energy would fizzle and the relationship would never evolve into what you really want. Would you wait two years or take the relationship now? Right? So take these “two years” to love yourself, court yourself, treat yourself to more of what makes you happy and trust that he/she is doing the same. What a celebration it will be when your paths cross!

  1. The Universe wants as much love on this planet right now as possible.

Love wins. The law of the universe is that love is the only eternal energy. Even Quantum Physics has proven that negative energy can not entrain. It can build, but eventually has to collapse back into space. Only energies aligned with love persevere and expand. There is no part of this natural and energetic world that does not want more love. A Course in Miracles says that at any given moment we are either coming from love or fear. With all the fear and hate and…in the world right now, what are all the ways you can generate more love, thereby attracting more love?

Be a love factory, focusing on what you love, surrounding yourself with activities, people, food, scents, conversations, nature, art, music, dance…that you love. Help our world to raise its vibration and focus on what we would love our future to look like. Then, I guarantee you that the love you also seek will be a part of that future.  

Whitney Freya is an expert in Inspired Living, providing practical tools & practices that free your mind from limitations and scarcity to create more in your life that lights you up from the inside out. Buy her book Rise Above on and learn more at


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