Roof replacements and installations are expensive, which is why some people prefer doing it themselves. Besides the dangers associated with roofing, poor roof work lowers your property’s value, leaves more damage on the roof, eventually costs you more to replace, and increases the risk of being exposed to extreme weather conditions. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your roof.

1.    Lack of experience

Roofing may seem easy, but you need experience and skills to install a new roof. Shingle replacement and installation skills are acquired over time; no matter how many videos you watch or materials you read, you may be fit for roofing work unless you practice and gain the knowledge and skills required for a perfect job. Hiring a professional roofer like will help get your roof professionally installed or repaired at an affordable price.

2.    It’s dangerous

Even for experienced roofers, roofing jobs are risky. Statistics show that roofers have the fifth highest death rate in the construction sector, with 50 roofers dying each year. Falls from ladders, skylights, and through roof openings are among the leading causes of roofer deaths. Other causes of roofing accidents and deaths include electrocution, heat exposure for long periods, resulting in dehydration, and other heat-related conditions, and tools such as electric drills, nail guns, and power roof cutters that lead to severe injuries like amputations. Additionally, falling objects like construction materials, unsecured bricks, and ladders can fall onto unsuspecting roofers, causing injuries or even death.

3.    You risk losing warranty

Most manufactures honor roof shingle warranties only if certified roofers install them. Doing the roofing work yourself automatically voids the warranty, meaning if you find any defects in the roofing materials, you won’t get any compensation. Additionally, you may do a great job with the roofing, but if any problems occur long after you’ve done the work, you have no claim over the warranty.

4.    You may lose your homeowner’s insurance policy

Homeowners’ insurance policies cover all roof repairs and replacements arising from natural damage like age and extreme weather conditions. If you damage your roof when replacing or installing it yourself, you become ineligible for an insurance claim. You may even risk having your homeowner’s policy canceled altogether.

5.    It may reduce curb appeal

Your roof can make or break curb appeal, especially if you’re looking to sell your home in the future. As much as DIY videos make roofing seem easy, doing it yourself may leave your roof looking unappealing due to a lack of the necessary skills. This reduces curb appeal, lowering your home’s value.

6.    It may end up costing you more

The aim behind doing your roofing yourself is so you can save installation costs. If you end up causing more damage to your roof in the process, you’ll incur more charges for buying a new roof and paying for the installation. If the insurance company finds out, the risk of having your policy canceled may cause you losses.


Doing your roof yourself may be cheap, but the dangers associated with it outweigh the benefits. Hire professional services for all your roofing needs to get value for money.


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