The honeymoon phase of a relationship is pure excitement and bliss. Butterflies flutter in the stomach every time you’re near each other and every detail learned about your partner is a fascinating revelation. The fire is undeniable in this phase. But as a relationship ages, it is normal for that flame to fade as the butterflies settle down and fewer revelations are discovered. In human nature, familiarity can breed boredom. But that doesn’t mean that you are doomed to a dull relationship. Use these solutions to reignite that flame and breathe new life into your relationship.

1. Revisit the Beginning

Since the start of a relationship is marked with such intense infatuation and feelings, reminders of this period can be extremely powerful. So, if the intensity begins to fade a little later on, you can regain it by going back to the beginning. Do so by planning an outing back to the place you first met. Being there again with your partner will incite both emotionally-charged memories and sensory experiences that remind you of why you fell in love in the first place. If the original meeting place is not an option, revisit other places you enjoyed being together in the past and forged powerful memories that wait to be unlocked. 

2. Do Something New Together

Though routines are great for creating stability in a relationship, experts suggest that incorporating unfamiliar or spontaneous pursuits and activities can create some needed excitement. This doesn’t mean that you and your significant other need to jump from an airplane to jumpstart your love. A new activity could be enrolling in a dance class together, trying a new cuisine, or planting an herb garden in your yard. Participating in a totally new activity together gets you both out of your comfort zones, allowing you to discover new things about each other and yourselves, which in turn helps you create new connections with each other.

3. Be Adventurous in the Bedroom

In the beginning, you and your partner share the experience of getting to know each other sexually. Everything is new and exciting and couples are usually more open to trying new things during this phase. After a time, though, most people fall into a routine in the bedroom. Adding a little spice to your love life doesn’t mean you have to get freaky, though. Be cognizant of each others’ boundaries and act accordingly. Some couples intensify their intimacy with role play while others prefer simple romantic gestures. If you and your partner seem to be losing chemistry, just buying some new, sexy lingerie from a store like 3Wishes and flaunting it for each other can set sparks flying again. 

4. Say It Out Loud

As months and years advance in a relationship, saying “I love you” may start to feel redundant and cliché; however, psychologically, your partner still needs to hear similar sentiments to evoke or reciprocate those feelings, especially if you haven’t said so in a while. If “I love you” seems too trivial, try “I admire you” or “I love how you do that” or “I can’t wait to see you.” These simple expressions can go a long way in reminding not only your partner how you feel about him or her, but reminding yourself as well. 

If those initial butterflies in your tummy have fallen asleep, they just might need a little wake-up call. To reignite the passion in your relationship try revisiting where you first fell in love, trying a new and exciting activity together, adding some spice to your sex life, or simply saying aloud how you feel about each other. With a little time and attention, those butterflies will flutter again. 


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