Bright yellow daffodils with faces like lions, tulips that come in the brightest hues imaginable . . . yes, if you are getting married in the springtime you have a huge advantage. Not only do you have a selection of some of the most vibrant flowers in the world, you may be able to cut your budget in HALF.

Spring flowers for a wedding often cost less than out of season blooms. Because flowers are so bountiful this time of year florists can afford to offer discount prices – giving them more business and you more savings.

Because there are so many different flowers to choose from you might not be able to choose based on beauty alone. In this case, it’s a good idea to make your bouquet mean something to you and your spouse . . . it’s actually kind of romantic to know that the flowers you choose are actually a secret message of love to your groom.

If you are interested in making your flowers mean more . . . read on to find the meanings behind the blooms.


Tulips are a great choice of spring flowers for a wedding because they carry the meaning of ‘perfect love.’” But it doesn’t stop just there . . . different colors of the flower represent an additional significance that is all their own.

Red – Red tulips represent true and passionate love.

Yellow – In today’s modern world yellow usually represents joy or sunshine, however, in past generations it was known for hopeless love.

Purple – Purple tulips are a symbol of royalty so this color would be great if you were going with a fairytale theme for your big event.

Multicolor – You know those tulips with the brilliant specks? These represent physical beauty and striking eyes.


Perhaps one of the most recognizable of spring flowers, the daffodil is a perfect part of spring flowers for a wedding bouquet because it represents new beginnings. Daffodils are often mixed with tulips in spring to capture the very best of the season.


Lilies have long been a symbol of peace and tranquility which is why many brides opt to fill the church with these bouncing blooms. Because married couples have been known to have a lover’s quarrel or two, it’s also a great reminder that with love comes something no one can live without . . . forgiveness and understanding.

Blue Bells

Bluebells make wonderful arrangements for the reception tables . . . they represent gratitude which makes them perfect for guests who have taken time out to help celebrate your special day. They are also great in wedding favors and bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts.


Roses are perhaps the longest symbol of love and desire. However, different rose colors can represent different things. Read on to find out which each color symbolizes . . .

White – Otherwise known as the bridal rose, white roses are often used in spring flowers for a wedding because they convey pureness and love. Best of all, white roses make the perfect backdrop for pops of color like red tulips, blue hydrangeas and multicolored lilies.

Orange – Orange roses represent passion and love anew. Peach roses, a rare color of rose, are also easier to find this time of year.

Yellow – Often used to represent jealous love, yellow now is a color of friendship and cheer. This makes it a great choice for bridesmaids’’ bouquets. In this case, paired with tulips, they can really add lots of bang for your buck to the floral arrangements and help snazzy-up simplistic budget friendly dresses.


In Victorian times hydrangeas were thought to possess magical abilities. It was said that if a man or woman was cursed that a hydrangea could break the spell. Thus, this beautiful blue and sometimes lavender bloom has often been thought to carry good luck in love and life. The hydrangea is also known to represent friendship and understanding.

Helpful Hint

While you may not be particularly fond of your mother in law to be . . . creating a special bouquet for her can make her feel special. Arrange a bouquet with floral meaning and then give her a note after the wedding to let her know what each flower meant and why you chose it. This will not only get you brownie points, it will help start off your marriage on the right foot . . . even if it has been on the left for a while with his or her family.

Some believe that the attention you put into your wedding flowers can have a big impact on your life together. While this may be farfetched in our modern world one thing is for certain . . . if you always stop to smell the roses once in a while your marriage will be long and prosperous.


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