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10-Minute Full-Body Workout for Small Spaces (Video)


10-Minute Full-Body Workout for Small Spaces (Video)

As a professional soccer player for both the Houston Dash and the Canadian national team, I’ve become an expert in quick, no equipment needed workouts that I can do in small spaces. Below are five of my favorite on-the-go moves from my “Fit As A Pro: Workouts for Small Spaces” DVD. In this video, I use a pillow in place of a weight. Work your way up to doing 3-4 sets.

1. Med Ball Chop Start by standing with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Take the pillow in your hands and raise it above your left shoulder. While engaging your core, chop the pillow across and down towards your right knee. You should really feel this exercise in your obliques. Perform 10 chops on that side then perform 10 chops on the opposite side.

2. Overhead Squat While standing with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, take the pillow in both hands and hold it above your head. While in that position slowly go down into a squat as low as you would like while keeping your core tight and digging your heels into the ground. It is important to make sure your knees are not going past your toes as you squat. It is also important to keep your chest up and to sit into the squat. Your quads and glutes should be on fire here. Perform each of these squats at a slow pace and hold for a few seconds at the bottom to really work the legs. If your arms get tired you can also hold the pillow in both hands straight out in front of you to change it up! Perform 10 reps.

3. Knee Push-ups Place the pillow on the ground and put your knees on top of it while crossing your ankles. Get into a pushup position making sure your back is making a nice straight line. Don’t hunch or arch your back. Make sure your core is engaged, feet off the ground, elbows are in and hands are shoulder width apart. Lower your upper body down for two counts. Push the floor away to come back to the starting position in two counts. Perform 10 reps.

4. V-ups This is one of my favorite ab exercises, I love to do this with a soccer ball or stability ball. While laying on your back, place whatever object you are using between your feet and squeeze it tight. Place your arms over your head. At the same time, lift into a V with both your arms and legs in the air. As you engage your core grab the object from your feet and go back down into a straight line. Make sure your feet and arms stay off the ground until you have completed all reps. Continue switching the object from arms to feet, and feet to arms. Perform 10 reps.

5. One Legged Glute Bridge Lay with your back on the ground and your knees bent. Place the pillow between your knees and squeeze into it. Remember to keep that engagement throughout the exercise. While pushing your left heel into the ground, extend your right leg out straight and hold it there. Raise your glutes off the ground while keeping your core tight. Continue to squeeze the pillow with your knees while pressing your left foot into the ground. Your body should be in one line from your knees to your shoulders. Then, keeping everything tight, bring your glutes back to the ground. Perform 10 reps each leg.

How did you like this small spaces workout? Tell me what you think in the comments below.


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