Fashion trends are always changing. Previously, it was stylish to wear luxury items with highly-recognizable logos to make the wearer stand out from the crowd. They might have carried handbags in the distinguishable monogram of a famous French fashion brand or worn belts with distinctive buckles. But recently, the preference for such conspicuous high-end products has changed. People who have a penchant for wearing luxury goods now want a more discreet style known as low-key luxury fashion.

Low-key luxury fashion is wearing high-end clothes and accessories with subtle or no obvious branding. Instead of flashing brand logos, low-key luxury style focuses on the beauty and craftsmanship of a product, which are the hallmarks of a luxury brand. Also, this kind of fashion promotes a sense of exclusivity by wearing items only someone familiar with prestigious goods can recognize. For individuals who choose this style, it is a way to make a statement among their peers without drawing too much attention from others.

If you are looking for ways to look chic but understated, here are some tips on how you can achieve a low-key luxurious outfit.

Invest in Luxury Pieces You Can Layer

When it comes to creating an outfit that exudes low-key luxury, you need high-end pieces that you can mix and match. Aside from releasing opulent pieces often featured on the runway, many luxury brands now offer essential pieces with subtle yet recognizable designs. Some of these products include versatile clothes you can wear in casual or formal events like a crisp white button-down shirt, A-line dresses, tailored coats, leather jackets, and leggings in different styles. Although many women choose to use the traditional black leggings as activewear, wearing denim leggings outside allows you to combine the comfortable wear of leggings with the classic look of denim.

The best time to take advantage of layering is in the cooler months when you can wear multiple layers of clothes without feeling too warm. You can wear long layers that can elongate your body as well as radiate elegance. If you are getting outerwear, it’s better to choose an oversized one so you can still feel comfortable even when you have several layers of clothes underneath. Just make sure it has a fluid silhouette so it doesn’t look too bulky or lousy on your body frame.

Choose Distinct Looks

Many luxury brands have pioneered certain looks and styles, which they continue to become associated with even when there are no obvious logos or monograms. By wearing luxury items in a signature style and pairing it with other essential pieces, you can achieve low-key luxury fashion. One example is the tweed suit for women popularized by a French fashion house. While it has gone through different variations over the decade, it remains to be synonymous with the brand’s couture clothing. You can make the reference more subtle by wearing a tweed jacket over a white shirt together with some jeans instead of going for a full tweed suit.

Additionally, some high-end brands are best known for their specific patterns. It’s like the famous plaid check of a British luxury fashion house. The pattern is commonly seen in the lining of the brand’s rainwear and has become known as a distinct feature of the brand in many of its products. Flaunt this by leaving your coat open and allowing some of the inner print to peek through.

Wear Luxury Pieces Sparingly

Many women like luxury items because of their quality and distinguishable features. If you want to wear a piece from your favorite high-end label and achieve a low-key look, do so with subtlety. You can wear a piece that subtly shows the designer’s name, for example, just limit the display of luxury to that one item. Offset it with other clothes that are not too recognizable as designer products. All the other pieces may even come from the same designer but showing off just one item can keep you from overdoing the look and appearing tacky.

Conceal The Brand

Another way to achieve an understated elegant look is by partially hiding the label’s name. While many high-end brands continue to produce items with their logos or brand name, you can incorporate them into your low-key luxury outfit. All you have to do is seemingly cover part of the marking. For instance, if you have a blouse bearing a distinguishable logo near the chest, keeping your jacket open can help conceal part of the brand logo without hiding it completely. This method helps you maintain a low-key stylish outfit and sparks the curiosity of onlookers.

Also, you can choose accessories with more concealed branding details. One way luxury fashion houses do this is by using embossed logos or using a print that is a similar color to the rest of the item. At times, they will even use printing techniques to make the brand name more inconspicuous. A prime example is changing the brand’s font and using calligraphy to seamlessly incorporate the brand name into the design.

Add Luxe Details to Your Outfit

Low-key luxury fashion can apply to the small details in your outfit. One great example is by wearing small designer accessories. Choose items that are recognizable with subtle hints of being high-end. For instance, completing your outfit by wearing dangling earrings with the distinguishable interlocking C logo of a popular French fashion house is undeniably chic without being in your face.

Additionally, carrying a small handbag with a discreet logo is a great way to achieve a low-key luxury style. Some brands don’t even put their monogram at all and simply allow the quality of their craftsmanship and materials to showcase understated opulence.

Wear Something Distinctly Non-Label

Each luxury brand often attaches its distinct logo to a product so it can easily be recognizable. But there are other creative ways designer brands produce goods to distinguish them from other luxury items. Brands would often come out with a certain line of products with unique styles and don’t bear any of their markings. They rely on one-of-a-kind designs for people to associate the item with the brand. Sometimes, the products will feature ironic references to the designer through a play on words or complete changes on well-known logos. By wearing something distinctly associated with a certain brand, you can complete an understated luxury outfit.

Wearing luxury brands has always been important in fashion but current trends now favor doing so in a manner that is understated but still undeniably chic. Low-key luxury also allows the quality of the pieces to shine through without needing obvious branding to call attention to itself. If you love luxury fashion, try these tips for styling your outfits and have fun figuring out what other luxury aficionados are also wearing.


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