Simply thinking that life is hard can cause depression

Life is harsh. Trying to have a perfect life is often exhausting. Regardless of the type of life you choose, striving and struggling to attain goals is no easy task. This belief does not contradict the fact that one must strive to attain things.

Life will be tough. You know. But it will be up to you to make it more or less hard. For some, people complicate their lives. For others, the word “unfair” fits perfectly. Whatever your position on life, you will be interested in what follows. Here, you will find 4 reasons why life is so hard. 

You follow the others 

Envious of someone? Beyond being a “healthy envy”, the result is the same: you feel less than others. As a consequence, you get depressed and waste your day comparing yourself with the rest. Instead of thinking about yourself and focusing on your own things, you invest your time in others. In the end, you become, without wanting to, a collaborator in the perfection of them.

And that is exactly what social media allows you to do. They play a very important role here. Trips around the world, high-end restaurants, expensive clothes, “perfect” relationships are some examples found daily on the networks. Who would want all of this? More than one. However, despite the wonderful life you may see there, the reality behind it may be different and unenviable. Sometimes, it is best to detox a bit from social media to move on. Envy, jealousy will cease. Thus, a healthier life for you. 

You do not manage your time well 

What superpowers would you like to have? Time manipulation is probably one of them. More than one would like to have this superpower. However, the time goes quickly, and you with it. Life is about finding the time for everything. Some people have realized success here because they found the perfect balance to accomplish their day-to-day tasks.

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You want to control everything

Didn’t go as expected? It is normal. Sometimes you want everything to go your way. However, the road is full of surprises. Nobody knows what future will afford. It is something you have to deal with from day to day.

You have probably heard the saying “everything happens for a reason”. And that is true. Obviously, no one wants a pandemic, a natural disaster or social conflict. But it is exactly at those times when you have to choose between maintaining a positive attitude or giving up. Withdrawal would be a defeat. If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but don’t change the goal. Reload your energy and run again. Are you scared? More than one is. Life is about finding that balance in this inherently unbalanced world, and it is not an easy task. 

You focus on your weaknesses and not on your strengths 

Have you ever thought about what you are good at? Probably, no. However, everyone should know what they are good at. Above all, as part of a process of self-knowledge. You must discover what you are good at, not lament what you aren’t best at. You need to look on the bright side and know that you have a lot more to offer.

A great part of the chaos that lives in the world comes from the lack of self-knowledge and self-esteem inherent to man. You probably haven’t been told you are good at what you do because you haven’t done it yet. Although it may sound paradoxical, many times, knowing yourself or knowing what you really like is very hard. Practice auto-awareness techniques for generating an improvement in your self-esteem. You will see that everything changes.



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