House parties are one of the most convenient and variedly used forms of social gatherings since they are comparatively light to pocket. However, this fun and convenient mode of gathering too has its cons, but if the party is planned carefully with a well thought out strategy, mishaps and hassles are less likely to take place.

One of the main things which need to be kept in mind while planning a  good evening is the post-party clean-up. This is a tiring and tedious job that just keeps on passing shoulders. However, avoiding some common mistakes can spare you and your friends or family from any hassles that might ruin the fun.

Trash cans, waste baskets, everywhere 

A very common mistake people make is to get only one litter basket in the room. Let’s face it, who wants to go hunting for one in the middle of a party? It is advised to keep more than one in the room, preferably three or four, so that trash finds its place even in the crowd without the interruption in the fun of the party.

The waste baskets help in trash removal after the party as there is less chance of debris lying on the floor or on the table and hence the hassle is automatically reduced. 

Avoid Carpets

How many times have you sighed looking at the stained carpet? Those beautiful carpets can light up the room decor but are a complete no-no during house parties. These beauties are vulnerable to food and drinks spillage whose stains are generally a bit too stubborn to leave, and the cleaning process often proves to be heavy for the pocket. 

Removing carpets from the premises of the party protects them from the potential staining or de-stringing due to rigorous stepping.

Disposable Party Ware 

It is understandable that you want to show off your beautiful Bone China or Corelle pieces at the party but that grin of pride can soon turn into an expression of despair when you see your beautiful China drop from a hand. Hence, using paper plates, utensils and cups, is advised at a house party.

Breakable material is at constant risk and is also difficult to clean up, if by chance broken. Compostable cutlery, plates and cups make post-party trash removal super easy and environmentally friendly.

Space Out

The beautiful pieces of furniture which amplify the beauty of your room may not like the crowd as much as you do. Remove the extra pieces of furniture like small stools, mini tables etc and place a few big arrangements for the guests such as a big couch, a big table for the food. This not only creates a bigger space for the party but also reduces the chances of tripping and falling down or getting hurt especially during the dance sessions. 

Don’t Ignore the Playlist

Music can set the right tone and tenor for your celebration. Whether you are throwing a birthday bash or inviting friends over for a slumber party, not having a playlist beforehand can ruin the fun. So, once you have arranged the supplies and booze, create a playlist for every mood — from trending dance numbers to slow romantics, or throw in some trippy trance to keep the party vibe alive.

Most importantly,

Hosting a party shouldn’t stress your nerves. If you are feeling overwhelmed due to the preparation chores, ask one of your favorite people to come over a few hours before the bash to sort furniture, arrange supplies and help you look your best. And don’t forget to have fun!


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