So, the two of you have managed to stay married for a decade!  First of all, congratulations are in order.  Secondly, you must know that this anniversary is a BIGGIE…you never know if you will make it to your 50th anniversary, so use this landmark day to celebrate the best you can.  And last, but not least of course – is to remember that since this is an anniversary extremely worth celebrating, gifts should be included in the festivities.  And not just gag gifts, but real gifts for your tenth anniversary that commemorate just how much you love one another!

Traditionally speaking, gifts for your fifth anniversary include something made of tin or aluminum.  Sorry folks, but this DOES NOT mean that a case of your favorite beer is a suitable gift.  The reason tin or aluminum are traditional gift ideas, is because these soft metals represent flexibility and durability – both of which your marriage has proved to have since you have made it this far.  For traditions sake, you might think of having a tin or aluminum sign made, perhaps a welcome sign for your home to give as a token gift.  However, you should also note that in modern times the tenth anniversary is represented by diamonds!  Why?  Well, because diamonds are not only durable stones, but they are also beautiful as well.  Yes, diamonds!  And you can probably guess what this means.

For couples who didn’t go all out on engagement or wedding rings, this could be a terrific time to upgrade your jewelry – to something with diamonds, in commemoration of ten solid years together.  If ring upgrades aren’t necessary, then choosing a piece of jewelry, that includes the symbolic diamond, but is also heart warming and special can be a great gift.  Look for hearts, symbolic pendants, or even bracelets that include diamonds with another favorite stone. Speaking of stones, the appropriate tenth anniversary gem is a sapphire (which is stunning when mixed with diamonds)

Obviously, there is no need to spend a month’s salary on the gift, especially since the two of you are no longer out to impress one another.  But definitely find something tasteful, and personal for the ladies that express the notion you have been paying attention!

So how do you incorporate diamonds and tin or aluminum into gifts for a man?  If your husband is forced to dress up every day, you can look for diamond-embellished cuff links, a watch, or even a pin they can put on their lapel.  If he isn’t the jewelry type of guy, then try to find something within his scope of interests.  The color commemorating ten years together is blue or silver, and you can easily incorporate these colors into a special gift.  Even if you are buying him clothing, golf clubs or something to add to his collection – try to stay in line with the traditional scheme of the anniversary.  And remember ladies, anniversaries aren’t just about you, you should definitely try to do something thoughtful – even if it just cooking him his favorite meal!  Don’t forget that blue and silver lingerie can be quite a conversation starter as well.  And hey, after ten years spicing up the bedroom might not be a bad idea!

When it comes to flowers, gifts for your tenth anniversary, should come via daffodils.  Daffodils are great flowers.  If you order a bouquet, make sure that you get request the larges trumpet shaped daffodils you can find in bright and vibrant colors.  Daffodils are said to represent joy, happiness, and cheerfulness.

Interestingly enough, around the ten-year mark in a marriage, many people aren’t exactly brimming with joy! In fact, marriage and divorce research shows that around 69% of the population will remain married for ten years.  If you have children together, your odds for making it to ten years and beyond are even greater.  Without children, around only 36% of the population remains wedded in marital bliss until the decade marker.  Yet, the scary truth is that once you make it to ten years, your risk of divorce skyrockets – to around 61%.  For some reasons the next big milestone, the 15-year anniversary, seems to suddenly lower your risk of divorce to around 20%.  Makes you wonder what is so turbulent in marriage from the 10 to 15 year mark.

Perhaps this is why you should use this information to share and communicate your true feelings.  Sure, marriage hasn’t been everything that you expected it to be.  You have learned a lot about your partner by this point in your life and the two of you have probably had a fair run of ups and downs.  But the truth is you have made it this far!  So instead of buying all token gifts for your tenth anniversary, create some from the heart as well.  Reinvent the love letter, and tell your partner just how much you love them.  Create a scrapbook or picture video complete with music that will take the two of you back the past ten years.  This can be a heartfelt and much needed reminder of why you got married in the first place.  Scroll through your memory or file and try to plan a gift, or even a little trip to a place that is special to the two of you, such as where you proposed, the first place you made love, or somewhere the two of you used to spend a lot of time.

No matter what, appreciate your accomplishment!  This is a big day in your life.  In today’s world where marital vows are often seen as something people take lightly, being married ten years is definitely worth a celebration.  Even if the marriage is shaky, or the two of you are trying to get to know each other all over again, this anniversary can be the perfect time to renew your vows and reaffirm the special promises you made to one another so long ago!  Happy Anniversary!


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