We often consider the individuals who live by the sea to be among the happiest people in the world, but have you ever wondered why that is? As it turns out, spending time near any body of water can come with an array of physical and mental health benefits. While all natural settings do impact our lives in quite positive ways, the water evidently offers even more stress-relieving and mood-lifting advantages, and here are just some of the great ways spending time near water can improve our health and well-being:

Relieving built-up stress

One of the greatest advantages of spending time near water is the fact that it puts us in a meditative state. You don’t even need to be in the water physically in order to immerse yourself in it and feel it’s wonderful stress-relieving effects. Simply sitting near it and listening to the calming sounds of the water can truly make you feel at ease.

As long as you are next to the water, listening to its calming sounds, smelling its pleasant scents, and watching the beauty of blue waves and ripples, you will be able to focus on the moment, be present, and forget about your worries for a short while. Only 30 minutes near a lake or an ocean can help you refresh, recharge, and re-energize.

Improving sensory awareness

When we are in the water, however, especially when we participate in water sports and other activities, we can feel more connected to nature than ever. Understanding the motion of the water, movement of the wind, and other aspects that impact our experience in the water forces us to focus on the present moment, be more aware of our bodies, and know how to adapt to the current environment.

This is especially true when we go swimming, being compelled to adjust to the water in order to stay afloat, as well as when we go surfing or sailing, having to know how to manoeuvre ourselves and our equipment, and improve our sensory skills. Apart from lowering stress levels, this could also help to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, allowing us to feel great about the entire experience.

Promoting relaxation and fun

Heading out to sea is truly a magical experience. Feeling the wind blowing in your hair, the refreshing smell of salt in the air, the beautiful sun setting behind the horizon, and just some of the most stunning sceneries you have ever seen can all promote relaxation.

However, this relaxing feeling can be taken a step further if you choose crewed yacht charters, for instance. Having the ability to sail the calming seas in a luxurious yacht all while having an experienced crew on hand to take care of the hard work gives you the opportunity to simply sit back, unwind, and enjoy the trip, thus providing some of the best, most relaxing experiences imaginable.

Providing a serotonin boost

Just like any other workout, swimming and other forms of water sports also cause our bodies to release endorphin and serotonin. Also known as “happy hormones”, these chemicals make us feel much happier, more positive, and much better overall.

What’s more, spending time in water doing any activity forces us to engage all of our senses at once. As a result, we are able to feel more focused and centered, thus easily clearing our mind, releasing built-up tension, improving our mood, and leading to a happier and more content life in general.

Giving us peace of mind

Spending time in or near the water is incredibly soothing and calming. Even simply listening to the sound of the waves or looking at the beautiful sea can encourage our bodies to release health-promoting neurochemicals, in turn helping us to relax, unwind, and find some peace of mind.

In those moments, we tend to reach a state called “blue mind”. This feeling allows us to release stress and become more at ease with ourselves and our emotions, possibly giving us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and the nature around us. Not to mention that just enjoying the breathtaking views of calm waters and gorgeous sunsets simply breeds creativity and innovation.

Whether it’s a lake, a river, or even the sea, spending quality time near any body of water can clearly be quite beneficial for our overall health and well-being. From relieving stress and increasing happiness levels to improving sensory awareness and giving us some much-needed peace of mind, it could truly improve anyone’s life, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t all spend more time near water.


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