An image of Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost.

When there's smoke, there's fire, and when there are rumors about expectant celebrities—well, it's hard to say for sure if there's absolutely a baby on the way, but people sure get pumped about the prospect. Case in point: Page Six is reporting that, according to sources, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost, who tied the knot in October 2020, are welcoming their first child together, and the buzz is reaching a fever pitch.

What We Know About Scarlett Johansson’s Reported Pregnancy (So Far)

The gossip column quotes multiple insiders, ones of whom said, "Scarlett is actually due soon, I know she and Colin are thrilled."

A second source noted, "Scarlett is pregnant but has been keeping it very quiet. She has been keeping a very low profile."

The story points to ScarJo's absence from several promotional events for her latest flick Black Widow and the fact that she's been doing promos for the film via Zoom—"conspicuously only shot from the shoulders up."

If she is, in fact, expecting, this will be baby No. 2 for Johansson, who gave birth to her nearly 7-year-old daughter Rose—whom she shares with ex-husband Romain Dauriac—on August 30, 2014.

What Could Be in the Stars for the Celebrity Couple

Born on June 29, 1982 (time unknown), Jost's sun sign is Cancer, and given that apples often don't fall far from the tree astrologically, it wouldn't be a surprise for the couple to have a baby during Cancer season, which goes through July 22.

If their little one is born during Leo season, which runs from July 22 to August 22, they'll be a fire sign like mom ScarJo. Born on November 22, 1984 at 7 a.m., the actress has a Sagittarius sun (plus ascendant and Mercury).

But it could also be possible that Johansson-Jost Jr. is not due until the sun is in Virgo—August 22 to September 22—and in that case, the baby will share the same sign as older sister Rose. Two Virgo siblings would enjoy easygoing communication and support between them.

Judging from their astrological birth charts, both Jost and Johansson are extremely family-oriented, thanks to their water sign placements (his Cancer sun and her Scorpio moon).

But they're also sure to be a free-spirited, globe-trotting, and expressive parental team, given fire and air elements. Jost's Mercury (how he communicates) and Venus (how he relates) are in supercommunicator Gemini while his moon (his emotional compass) and Mars (how he takes action) are in social, peace-loving Libra, while Johansson has all that adventurous Sag plus Mars in independent, humanitarian Aquarius.

The Bottom Line

While it remains to be seen when or if the world will receive an official pregnancy confirmation from ScarJost, fans can't help but be fascinated with the dynamic couple's next chapter. went as far to call them "America's Royal Family." While that might be a bit of an eyebrow-raiser, there's no doubt the happy couple would be doting parents should there truly be a baby on the way.


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