Rainbow over a book with the words Reading Rainbow Live

A show we all watched growing up is coming back—and it's so cool that we can share it with our kids. Reading Rainbow, which aired on PBS from 1983 to 2006 and was hosted by LeVar Burton, is returning next month with a couple of cool new twists. 

The 25-minute events will premiere live so some lucky kids will be able to appear on screen, using the platform Looped. And instead of a one host (the beloved LeVar Burton will not be a host for this reboot), a diverse group of talented singers and dancers—collectively known as "Rainbows"—will be tapped. The original format will stay the same, though. Viewers will have the opportunity to learn through music, cultural experiences, and the day's book pick. 

Parents has exclusively learned that the first Reading Rainbow Live event will have the theme of kid inventors. It will feature the book Be A Maker, written by Katey Howes and illustrated by Elizabet Vuković. "It's the perfect book for the launch because it gives kids permission to take chances, make mistakes, solve problems creatively, brainstorm, collaborate, and use their imaginations," says former kindergarten teacher Amy Guglielmo, creative director of Reading Rainbow Live.

The show is also looking for 4- to 8-year-olds to talk about their favorite picture book on air. Families with bookworms can apply on readingrainbowlive.com. On the site, you can also register to be notified about tickets for each event. Overall, Guglielmo describes the show as, "a musical book party with dancing and play." Sign us up now!


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