There’s a new little guy coming to town. And he’s going to belong to you! How exciting it is as you count the days until you get to bring him home with you from the hospital. You spend time trying to imagine what he is going to be like. As you prepare a special room for your little man, you’ll want to make it a unique place that he will grow to love and that will serve him for many years.

There are many bedroom themes that would fascinate a little boy. The list includes, but is not limited to, big machinery, zoo animals, any and all types of sports, animals from the farm, race cars, airplanes, sea creatures from the ocean, Noah’s ark, farm tractors, ABC’s, cars, bugs, bears, action figures and last but definitely not least, western cowboys.

Perhaps the idea of turning your nursery into a western retreat for your little buckaroo inspires you. It’s one of the most popular themes today for a boy’s room and a whole heap of fun to create. As you begin constructing the cowboy themed room, you‘ll be amazed as your creativity flows in all directions. Your little guy‘s room will be ready before you know it and he‘ll soon be a part of your family and be there in person to begin enjoying it. Here are some of the main decisions you’ll need to make when decorating a western room for your little cowboy.

Choose a paint color for the walls that ties in with the western theme. Any bright color such as gold, blue, and even red could be used on the walls. If you have found a wall border with a western theme that you plan to use, pick out one of the colors from it for your solid wall color. Be sure to have the room painted much in advance before your little one’s arrival. You don’t want any lingering paint fumes to harm the little guy.

Furniture. For a western themed room, a dark wooden crib would look best. It looks masculine and will tie in well with the cowboy theme. Purchasing cribs that convert into toddler beds are an economical solution to your baby’s growing needs. He’ll be a toddler before you know it! Provide a western cowboy theme bed set and be sure to add a musical mobile such as one with horses installed securely over the top of the crib so your little one can be entertained and introduced to the world of horses. As you introduce him to the world of animals, you learn at an early age to love and respect animals. Your nursery will also need a comfortable rocking chair to use for the quiet times of bonding with your important little guy. A changing table is also very helpful during the first few months of your child’s life. This may be purchased in a wood that matches your baby’s crib.

Lighting. Choose a nursery lamp that has a denim covered shade. And to the overhead lighting, which most bedrooms come equipped with, don’t forget to add a dimmer switch in order to create a soothing environment for your little guy. All cords should be out of your baby’s reach in order to keep him safe and accident free.

Window covering. The best choices for your western nursery’s curtains would be either denim or bandana fabric. This type of material will help filter out the light and look right at home in your little bunkhouse room. If you plan to use mini blinds beneath the denim drapery, be sure that all cords are not within reach of your baby as he begins crawling. And never place his crib in front of a window. This will ensure his safety.

Floor covering. Even if your home has wall to wall carpeting, covering the center of the nursery room floor, with an authentic brightly colored saddle blanket will enhance your western theme and make a soft area for the little ranch dude to play. Your footsteps will be softened as you move about the room.

Accessories. Every little up and coming cowboy needs a rocking horse. While it’s true, he won’t be using it for quite a while, it makes an awesome room decoration in the mean time. He’ll reach toddler age and be galloping away in his imagination long before you’re ready to let go of him in his baby stage. The use of baskets with denim or red bandana fabric liners are a perfect way to hold and organize the small items that a new baby needs, such as diapers, socks, booties, baby wash cloths, lotions, and his little denim duds. As your baby grows older, his toys can be put into baskets to help keep his room looking clean and organized.

Wall Decorations. Be sure to add colorful western artwork to the walls such as pictures of horses or ponies or a cattle round-up and your baby will certainly be entertained each time he looks about the nursery that was created just for him. You may also wish to have an artist friend paint a western scene on one of the nursery room walls. Along with this theme, comes a multitude of bright colors which are perfect for stimulating a young growing mind. Other items you may wish to display on the walls are a cowboy hat, a lasso (kept out of baby’s reach of course) horseshoes, a wall shelf to hold a cute little pair of your cowboy’s first boots, anything that fit’s a ranch theme, a little shadow box filled with a collection of sheriff stars and badges, and maybe even his name spelled out of barbed wire. (These may be custom ordered from companies on line.)

It won’t be long before your little guy is sitting with you watching exciting cowboy movies on TV. Cherish the time you spend together and realize the day will come, much too soon, that your precious little cowboy has turned into a mature and wise young man.


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