The main function of the master bedroom is to provide a place where you can go to seek the rest and relaxation you deserve… a retreat of sorts. You desire a place that is personally yours to enjoy, maybe alone or with your mate. The master bed and bath is an area that is to be respected by family and friends and considered to be private

The first step when selecting colors for the master bedroom, is to ask yourself, what type of colors seem to be comforting and restful. With the different elements to consider, choosing colors to decorate your master bedroom can seem a little intimidating. Important questions to ask yourself are…Am I limited on space? Is my room large? Could I create a special sitting area in my bedroom? Are there any unique architectural details that need highlighted in the room such as unusual windows? Choosing colors for the master area of your home, is a matter of personal taste and picking a color that creates a feeling of comfort and peace is ideal. Each morning, what colors would you like to open your eyes and first see?

The options for choosing colors for the master bedroom will depend on the style of your room as well as the theme of your decor. If you are unsure where to begin, start by looking at your bedroom set. Does it follow a rustic or contemporary theme? Is it antique or does it have a modernistic feel? Is it more of a southwestern type with distressed wood, or does it seem oriental and sleek in design? Or maybe, it falls into the early American category.

Your bedroom furniture is either stained, painted, left natural or lacquered. This will help you choose a unique paint color for the room. After deciding what type of furniture your room hosts, use paint color swatches from your local home improvement store to begin considering colors that seem to match your furniture type. For example, if your bedroom set is more oriental in theme, made with a finish of black lacquer, you may want to bring in a bright paint color such as red. Or perhaps, with antique furniture, a good choice would be honey or gold. These colors will become the main color on your artist’s palette, so to speak, from which the room will draw not only its main color, but the complementing colors aw well.

An easy way to make a choice when deciding on bed and bath paint colors, is to purchase paint colors from colors you love. You have favorite colors, what are they? Naturally, if you are decorating a master bath along with your bedroom, the colors of the two rooms should compliment each other. However, they do not necessarily have to be the same shared color. Both rooms can be treated as an independent area and will become a fun and enjoyable area to decorate.

Most bathrooms are not large areas, so the selection of wall color, becomes vital to creating a winning combined bed and bath theme. It is best to select a paint type, such as semi-gloss, that stands up to high humidity in your bathroom area. The colors used, should flow smoothly from one room to the other. This will make the area seem connected and more spacious.

Using your master bed and bath as an area that reflects the things you love is a sure way to make this special area, personal. It can become your private sanctuary. Choose unique bedding that reflects the colors from the theme you have chosen.

There are many unique items that can be included to add color, as well as organization to your master bath. A great addition would be to use a large basket in which to place many colorful rolled towels. Smaller baskets also work well to hold trial size lotions and shampoos. The soap dish and tissue box as well as tooth brush holder should follow through with the theme you are using in the bedroom. Colorful artwork can give the bathroom a much needed personality. Be sure to add scented candles around your tub to help create that romantic and restful touch.

There are many beautiful towels and shower curtains on the market today which would work within your color palette and theme. Choose colors that bring in accent colors. A nice alternative to the normal bath mat in front of your tub, would be to use a colorful floor runner to catch water drips and protect your flooring.

As for adding color to the floor in your master bedroom, try using a beautifully woven throw rug. This will add a creative look and an interesting texture. A floor rug will warm the floor as well as cut down on noise. Try to choose a pattern with compatible colors to your color palette. This way, the rug becomes a work of art, decorating the floor.

A very important area to consider when creating your master bedroom is the window treatment. For restful sleep, light blocking measures should be taken. Colorfully woven draperies, with blackout backing, are ideal. The use of mini blinds, combined with solid colored sheers, can be a success also. Use complementing colors, taking care to match the room‘s color scheme.

Another key element for calming and clearing the mind is the use of a small fountain on the nightstand. The soft flowing sound of the water helps to put even the most high-strung insomniac into a peaceful slumber.

The final completing touches that make your master bedroom go from ordinary to extraordinary, are the accent pieces you use. Match them to your color palette. Choose favorite personal items which will be sure to bring pleasure and create a sense of belonging. Hand pick items for this purpose.

These are just a few of the many ideas you may use to import color into you special room. Just as personalities differ, no two master areas will come out identical. One thing is certain however. If you pour your heart into decorating your master bedroom and bath, you’ll leave the area in the morning with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Be ready to experience the master bedroom of your dreams.


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