Getting a new mattress online or offline is not just as easy as comparing Sleepyhead, Sleepwell or Centuary mattress prices. It takes a couple of months to find out whether a new mattress is a good fit for your body type. By then, the return period or replacement assurance by most offline or online sellers usually gets over.

To make your purchase relatively safer, we have compiled a list of some crucial factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the perfect mattress for your needs:

Health Factors and Mattress Firmness 

Before purchasing your mattress online or offline, do keep the health factors in mind. If you or your sleeping partner is suffering from pain or aches, opt for a medium level firm mattress topped with a latex or memory foam layer and a coir base to offer adequate comfort to the back. We all need ample support and proper comfort for an uninterrupted sleep so that we can wake up feeling energized.

Lack of comfort from a too hard mattress causes uneasiness and disturbs your sleep. On the other hand, too soft sleeping pads might seem attractive because of their softness, but they are ineffective at providing adequate support to your spine. Opting for a certified orthopaedic mattress online or offline could be a great choice if you suffer from back pain.

Your Sleeping Partner 

If your bed partner has a habit of turning or tossing while sleeping at night, opt for a comfortable mattress online that can isolate the motion, thus taking care of your sleep as well as your relationship. A good quality Pocket spring mattress can be an ideal option for ‘no partner disturbance, as it offers comfortable sleep for both users by isolating the motion.

The Mattress Size 

Before purchasing your mattress online, you need to measure the size of the bed or cot correctly to get a proper fitting. Otherwise, your new mattress may deform quickly due to improper fitting and will end up failing to serve its purpose. If you are also considering buying a new bed, you need to check first How big is your bedroom? and consider your own and your sleep partner’ height.

Here’s how mattress sizes usually stack up:

  • Single : 72×36 inches| 75×36 inches| 78×36 inches
  • Double : 72×48 inches| 75×48 inches| 78×48 inches
  • Queen : 72×60 inches| 75×60 inches| 78×60 inches
  • King : 72×72 inches| 75×72 inches| 78×72 inches

Trial Period, Warranty & Returns 

While purchasing your mattress online or offline, always check for the warranty, trial period and return policy if there is any. A consumer cannot test the endurance or product life, but a suitable period of warranty and quality assurance can safeguard your purchase.

After-sales Service 

Every brand makes tall claims of keeping their customers happy before you purchase the products from them, and when you approach them after your purchase for some solution or assistance, you regret your decision to buy the product in the first place. To avoid such bad experiences, always go for reputed brands like Sleepwell or Centuary mattresses.

Your current mattress can help you to buy a better mattress.

If you are purchasing a new mattress because you are not happy with your current sleeping pad, then make a mental note of the features of your existing mattress, which you don’t like. On the other hand, if you loved your old sleeping pad, you need to remember the features and firmness level of your current mattress, which you appreciated the most while purchasing your next mattress online or offline.

Final Words 

Do remember that the higher price tag does not assure higher quality products. As your mattress needs to serve you for a long time, it is better to keep the above factors in mind and check the user feedback and expert reviews before purchasing the mattress online.

You may also check the latest Centuary mattress prices to pick the suitable one for your needs as both of these brands are known for offering quality products and top-notch post-sales services.

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