Sanctuary. Retreat. These are the key words that describe what the bedroom represents to many people in today’s hectic, economically uncertain world. People want a place they can come to at the end of the day to unwind, regroup and relax. And they want to do that in a bedroom that is fresh and evocative of today’s style. New trends in bedroom design often echo those of the fashion world. But that’s just the surface. Scratch a little deeper and find eclectic, eco-friendly, worldly surroundings that offer the ultimate in serenity while portraying lively adaptations of traditional design style

Today, more and more home dwellers are making their bedrooms very personal spaces. One surefire way to achieve a highly personal bedroom is eclectic styling. Eclectic style is a blending of periods and styles. It is combining an antique Louis XVI chair with a sleek contemporary dresser topped with a beautiful Venetian mirror. It is a modern platform four-poster bed flanked by marble-top Empire style side tables. This mixing of styles adds character and individuality to a bedroom. It’s not your ordinary bedroom. Take away those matching beds and dressers and mix it up a little. Add your personality to the mix. Eclectic style enlivens the bedroom and adds interest. This is a trend that will last because you can always switch pieces out or add new pieces when the urge strikes you or the styles change. It combines all your tastes, from modern to vintage antique. It is bringing together a hodge-podge of carefully selected items that, when done right, exemplify style and capture your uniqueness.

All around us we see signs of green in the home. Ecologically green. As warnings of global warming, depletion of the ozone layer and the misuse of natural resources abound, people are gaining a larger respect for the environment. An eco-friendly bedroom is a current trend that will no doubt continue and broaden. Eco-friendly home products are becoming more widely available. From paint and flooring to energy-conscious lighting and resource-saving furnishings, many manufacturers are doing their part to bring environmentally aware products into the home.

Paint formulas are now widely distributed that are low in toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Natural fibers, such as organic cotton, are prevalent in linens, wall and floor coverings. Organic cotton is grown in soil without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. To minimize tree harvesting, consider fiberboard and veneer in place of solid wood furniture. With today’s advanced manufacturing, veneers are stronger and more resistant to warping than solid wood and are of very high quality.

Carpeting is widely available that contains low toxic dies and is recyclable. Window treatments can be geared toward energy conservation and natural style by using bamboo blinds that are lined. Regular tungsten light bulbs are being replaced with LED lighting, which conserves energy and lasts much longer. Natural light is being utilized more to reduce the need for artificial lights during the day.

Upholstered furnishings are taking a turn toward green as well. The wood is selected from replenished forests. Glues used on frame joints are non-toxic, water-based formulas. The springs used are made with recycled iron ore and soy-based foam is used in the cushions. They are covered in fabrics such as organic cotton or linen. The selection of organic fabrics is growing as design houses and manufacturers are seeing a boon in eco-conscious decorating.

Some exciting new trends in bedroom design are bursting onto the scene. These include mirrored surfaces, global influences and modern interpretations of traditional designs. Like the fashion industry, bold prints, stripes and metallics are stepping off the runway and into today’s bedroom designs. The classic, sophisticated lines of casual traditional or contemporary design are finding their way into the furnishings of the bedroom. Styles from the 60s and 70s are making a strong return, especially in accessories.

Some of the most sought-after colors for the bedroom include soothing shades of calming light blue or rich turquoise. Gray combined with creamy white and taupe make for a very chic bedroom. Brown is still very much in the scene for 2009. Used with hot pink, brown serves a great counterpart to tame this bright color to a pleasing glow. Metallic colors such as bronze, copper and pewter are very elegant combined with contemporary furniture. All shades of purple, from rich and royal dark purple to light and calming lilac, are appearing on the bedroom design scene. For children’s rooms think fruit: lime green, lemon yellow, citrus orange, apple red. Black is a vital part of the trend this year. For the bedroom, it is best used as an accent color in fabrics and accessories.

World culture is making a stop in the bedroom. Unique artifacts, textiles and furnishings gathered from travels are displayed in the bedroom. China, Morocco and India are proving large influences in the worldly design aesthetic. Lacquered furniture, exotic fabric prints and furniture with dazzling inlays create a vivid oasis that brings your travels close to home.

For a more understated bedroom design that will likely be a continuing trend, the casual elegance of the neutral room captures the quintessential bedroom retreat. This style evokes the serenity and peacefulness that many are searching for in their bedrooms. It is luxurious and wrapped in understated elegance. Soft blue, creamy yellow, cool gray or soft beige envelop the room and serve as backdrop to sumptuous bedding and cozy seating. Light is reflected off of mirrored chests and nightstands.

There are several ways to update a room. The new trends in bedroom design make it easy. Simply bring in new accessories. Install new lighting fixtures. Reupholster traditional chairs in a contemporary fabric for a bit of eclectic punch. Paint a piece of flea market furniture in a metallic finish or a bright color. Paint it black. Put new eco-friendly linens on the bed. Paint the walls a soothing modern gray or enliven the space with a punch of bright color on one wall. Bringing your room up to date doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. It just has to represent what you want from the room.

You can recapture your travels or revisit the seaside cottage where you vacationed last year by simply entering your bedroom. You can enter the bedroom and find peace and relaxation. Whatever way you decide to employ today’s bedroom trends, making the design scheme personal will ensure that you reap the rewards of its unique ambiance.


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