Interior design and device development teams are always coming up with new ways to help customers out in the kitchen – from speeding up your breakfast to bringing you filtered water on-tap.

Here’s our top wish-list of timesaving, useful, and funky gadgets we’re eyeing up for our next kitchen refit.

  1. Sensor-Operated Faucets

Gone are the days of stubborn, stiff handles on your faucets – simply wave at the fixture and it will magically stream at your command! Brands like Delta and Pfister offer touchless sensor faucets that are easy to use for all the family.

  1. Water Softener System

If you live in a hard water area, you’ll know the toll it can take on your hands when washing up and the bitter taste it has. Install a water softener system beneath your kitchen sink to get fresh, filtered, softened water flowing straight from the tap. Filter out potentially harmful chemicals and hard deposits from your home’s water supply and enjoy smooth, great tasting tap water.

  1. Coffee Machine with Timer

The dream of having a hot, steaming cup of real filter coffee waiting for you when you wake up has ARRIVED. All the classic kitchen appliance brands (Russell Hobbs, Morphy Richards) now offer very affordable filter coffee machines featuring a timer that you can set for the best wakeup call ever. Nothing will have you jumping out of bed at 7am quite like it!

  1. Smart Speaker

We’re seriously considering placing a pre-order for Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker – simply ask Siri to play any song in the world and have it fill the room in seconds, in amazing hi-fi sound quality, completely hands-free. This is especially great in the kitchen so that you can prep and chop food without pausing to fiddle with buttons to play music. Ask Siri to play your favorite playlist and dance around the kitchen as you cook! You can also ask it questions – what step comes next in the recipe you’re making? Alternatives to Apple’s latest gadget include the Google Home and Amazon Echo.

  1. Boiling Water Tap

Another faucet-related tip: get instant boiling water from your faucet. Imagine making an instant brew after a hard day’s work and halving the time it takes to boil potatoes on the hob. These contraptions are available from all kitchen retailers nowadays, and customers who’ve installed them never look back.

  1. Pull-Out Table

When living in a small space, like a bedsit or cozy apartment, utilizing space is key. Where you don’t have room for a dining table, consider a pull-out. It can be neatly tucked away inside a cupboard or otherwise out of sight when not in use, leaving you more space to prepare dinner. When it’s done, whip out your table and enjoy a sit-down meal.

  1. Magnetic or Blackboard Wall

Kids especially will find these fun feature walls a highlight of the house. Stick up photos, lists, and your children’s artwork with colorful magnets for proud display; or scribble important notes, messages and doodles in chalk on your funky blackboard wall.

  1. Kitchen Terrarium

Not a gadget or device, but a cute feature that will bring a little joy every time you see it. Terrariums have become the houseplant-come-décor of choice in modern homes, and you can make them yourself quickly and easily. Buy a few succulent plants from a garden store (available for just a few dollars each), a terrarium frame (you can even make these out of picture frames), and some decorative pebbles. Make at home for a fun activity.

  1. Breakfast Master

Behold this feat of 21st century engineering: these amazing all-in-one cookers fry your eggs, toast your bread, and make coffee at the same time! The microwave-sized contraptions fit on your countertop and ensure your food and beverages are perfectly cooked and ready to eat at exactly the right time. A range of manufacturers have begun to offer them, like Product Box in the UK and Elite Cuisine available from Amazon US. At just $30, you can’t really refuse.


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