Do you want your kitchen to look shiny and new? If so, then high gloss kitchen cabinets could be perfect for you! When shopping for a new set of cabinets, one important detail that you should take into consideration is the finish. The finish can make or break your kitchen design, so it’s important that you select the right one for your kitchen and personal taste. But how do you know which type of cabinets are best for your space and which type is best to buy? If you’re unsure of the cabinet style you want, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s talk about why high gloss kitchen cabinets are worth the investment and how they can actually make a big difference in your home! 

What is high gloss?

High gloss kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for people looking to update their kitchens and create a modern look. High gloss is a type of finish found on many kitchen cabinets that is glossy and shiny. The finish has a high-end appearance while offering minimal maintenance. A high gloss finish is often chosen as it reflects light better than textured, wood veneer, or matte finishes.

High Gloss Advantages

While there are other options when it comes to cabinet finishes, high gloss has a lot of advantages on its side that lead many people to choose it. Here are some of the advantages of high gloss kitchen cabinets:

Easier to clean

If you hate to clean, high gloss could be the perfect solution for you. High gloss kitchen cabinets are much less likely to show stains and dirt, and the finish is also much easier to clean than matte, wood, or textured cabinets. Due to the shine high gloss offers, it leaves your cabinets as smooth as possible, which makes cleaning a simple task. They offer minimal maintenance and often provide more visual appeal than textured surfaces because light can be reflected off the finish better due to its glossy appearance – which makes it perfect in high traffic areas where dust may accumulate quickly over time. The lack of grooves for dirt to wedge in, coupled with the slipperiness of the smooth surface means that whenever you dirty your cabinets you can simply wipe them clean. Gloss is known to show up fingerprints and spills more often than other finishes, so it’s good to know that they can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe.

Makes space look bigger

High gloss is super shiny, which means light bounces off the finish and reflects outward. This actually brightens up the room and creates the illusion of a bigger space. If your kitchen is relatively small, or you just want to make the room seem more spacious, requesting a high gloss finish on your cabinets will help.


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