Real estate agents are expected to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, given the complexity of their work. On top of dealing with numerous clients and potential buyers, they should be able to promote their business through smart marketing tactics as well. That being said, keeping track of everything can feel like an impossible task. Luckily, technology has developed many handy tools to help every real estate agent succeed and keep up with their demanding careers.

Below are four indispensable tech tools that keep your various tasks organized and be able to complete them more efficiently. 

Marketing Tools

One important marketing task is generating and keeping track of your leads. Traditionally, this would require you to create large quantities of physical flyers that you would need to keep refilling while you manually keep track of prospective buyers. Having a software like Pro Agent Solutions’ Digital Flyer can save both paper and time for this process while keeping track of every lead.

Digital Flyer generates a numeric code for your sign rider: once a prospective buyer texts the code to a local number, they are instantly sent details of the property while you are sent their contact information. To know more, click here:

As for creating eye-catching content for your properties and business, modern video and image editing tools—like Animoto and Canva—have user-friendly interfaces to help keep things simple so you do not have to worry about being a creative professional.

Ensuring that your clients remember you through email and social media is also a necessity. With most real estate agents having a busy schedule, it can be daunting to consistently manage your social media feed and keep track of the email marketing content that you send out. Fortunately, software like Mailchimp can send out automated emails in bulk and help you keep track of your audience engagement. As for managing social media, Hootsuite is a useful tool that helps you manage multiple accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through post scheduling and audience engagement analytics.

Showing Tools

As a real estate agent, managing different properties simultaneously can make keeping track of your showings a laborious task. Without a proper management tool, gathering feedback for each property can be confusing and tiring.

This is why software tools like Showing Pro and Showing Suite can streamline your process by importing showings from lockbox software like Sentrilock and Supra, gathering them all in one place, and even sending automated feedback questionnaires to buyers’ agents.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

A successful real estate agent knows that maintaining their connections with clients is crucial to the growth of their careers. However, real estate agents are not immune to forgetting, as it can still be tough to keep in touch with so many people alongside other duties.

To help ease the pressure of managing clients, powerful software specifically made for real estate agents like BoomTown and Wise Agent were developed. Both BoomTown and Wise Agent act as all-in-one CRM tools that help you manage all your transactions from start to finish, keeping every contact and their details in one place while integrating other software tools like Gmail or Facebook. Rather than spending time trying to remember which clients to call for the day—or even recalling the names of their children and pets—you can store notes and be reminded of each client’s needs whenever you are logged in.

Digital Document Management Tools

Before the refinement of digital document software, having to collate and organize physical documents was quite a chore. Manually keeping track of which papers to sign, printing these documents, and sending them out are antiquated tasks that can dampen your productivity.

Modern document software can make it easier to manage all kinds of agreements. Tools like DocuSign can save you the hassle of sending bulky stacks of paper from one place to another. It stores all the necessary documents in a secure cloud, allowing you and your clients to send, sign, and track agreements through any device.

Scheduling Tools

Similar to customer management, it is helpful to have a scheduling tool that creates and tracks your appointments. Being a real estate agent means your calendar is almost always filled with different tasks throughout each day, and having to communicate your availability with each client may take away more time from both your schedules.

Software like Calendly can reduce time spent on emailing each client about your availability by allowing you to input the days and time slots that work best for you. It generates a link that you can send clients or embed into your website, which allows them to book an appointment that best fits your schedule, set reminders, and make rescheduling easy.

As in any career, time is an incredibly valuable asset, and it should be spent doing the tasks that matter most. This is particularly important to the success of any real estate agent: boosting your productivity with the right tech tools can take your mind off of time-consuming management processes and enable you to focus on more important concerns with ease.



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