Reducing the number of belongings when you move is a good way to keep moving costs down. Do not dispose of them but donate to charities that will help those in need. Furniture, clothing, shoes, books, toys, electronics, and more will do.

Donating Furniture

When starting a move, you can hire professional movers in advance by contacting Got2Move. They will provide you with high-quality and inexpensive services.

After agreeing with the moving company about the move, start sorting things into those that you pick up and the ones you leave. Remember that goods you do not need may be useful to others.

Inspect furniture. It takes up a lot of space; consider whether you need to take it to a new home. The best way to recycle furniture is to go to a charity. Fill out the form on the local company website. Do this a week before moving because charity is popular. Employees of the company will come, take the specified furniture free of charge, and give it to families who need to improve their living conditions.

Donate Household Items

Even household goods can be donated, it’s useful to avoid moving extra items. Donate rugs, bed linen, small appliances, or other kitchen utensils to charity. In this case, you need to contact another organization since each of them is engaged in things of different sizes and provides services to different people in need. Usually, such things are sent to nursing homes or low-income families.

Donate Clothes

When giving clothes, shoes, and toys when moving, do not forget about respect for other people. Choose only items in good condition. No need to give away the clobber! Children, the elderly, or women/men who have nothing to dress will accept donations. Charities won’t take bad things.

Choose the best Pleasanton movers who will not only move your belongings to a new home but also help you breed goods for those in need on your own.


If there is no way to donate things to charity before moving, or they are not suitable for others due to a poor condition, contact the community that will help to get rid of them without harm to the environment.

If you have something you do not need anymore, donation is the best way. Do not throw things away but give them to the unprotected segments of the population. This will help people live well and improve their quality of life.


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