While Barndominiums as homes are a relatively new concept to many. In North Texas, these buildings are steadily becoming a popular housing option.

The name barndominium is a combination of barn and condominium. And as expected, they contain attributes from both of these buildings. The result? A spacious, adaptable living space for wannabe homeowners just like you.

For a brief take on the advantages of purchasing a barndominium for your next home, see below.

It’s Affordable

The average cost per sq ft for a barndominium is significantly cheaper than a conventional home. Therefore, prospective buyers can pay a lot less without sacrificing the desire for more space.

Summarized below are a few options for purchasing a barndominium:

  • Build it without kits, and you can expect to pay in the region of $85 per sq ft, with slabs and finishing.
  • Buying prefabricated kits from reputable companies is often the most cost-effective solution for acquiring quality construction materials to build a barndominium.
  • There are also options to buy all-inclusive barndominium packages. Such as concrete flooring, exterior doors, spray foam insulation, energy-efficient windows, and the construction team to assemble the house.

Robust Design

Barndominiums are erected and stabilized by steel or post frames. Thus, rendering these buildings resilient against severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes. As a result, several that have been constructed in the South combat the damage caused by frequent natural disasters. The durable aspect of them also means the structure is built to last, meaning less external building maintenance fees to pay overtime.

Energy Efficient

Post-frame barndominiums can have dense wall cavities installed to give the building superior insulation. In turn, homeowners can expect to pay cheaper energy bills.

Quick and Easy Construction

Barndominiums are arguably much easier and faster to construct than traditional homes.

As such, depending on the size of the barndominium and whether the new homeowner has experience in construction, they may want to order the prefabricated kits and build it themselves. This, of course, can favorably reduce the overall cost of the home.

Otherwise, hiring contractors with experience creating this type of housing will ensure the building process runs smoothly. That the house is built correctly, and it’s completed in good time so that homeowners can move in soon.

Spacious Homes

Requiring more space is one of the main reasons why some people want to move home. But the desire for more square footage in a traditional house usually comes at a high cost.

However, with Barndominiums, there’s no need to compromise on space. As homebuyers can get a lot more room in a barndominium for a lot less money than purchasing a traditional home with the same amount of room.

Numerous Design Options

Plans and kits to build elaborate barndominiums for home-dwelling used to be scarce. However, today, whether you’re in the market for a modest one bed or an extravagant five-bed, there are plenty of designs to choose from.

Adaptable Living

Change is expected over time. Some families split up and others grow. Therefore, what was once a suitable home, may no longer suit the needs of its occupants. As such, some people contemplate changing and extending their home.

But because traditional homes tend to have multiple studs close together contained in the home’s structure, a homeowner’s dreams for expanding the space are often limited.

However, the construction style of barndominiums differs. For instance, its columns are six to eight feet apart. Thus, allowing more possibilities to add entrances, such as double doors and brand-new rooms, to any part of the home, without restricting the homeowners’ creative ideas.

Lately, more people are realizing the potential of barndominiums to provide a customizable, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and durable living space. As such, more businesses are creating a unique variety of barndominium designs and kits to facilitate demand.

Whether buying your first home, downsizing or upsizing. Surveying all available housing options is crucial to prevent missing out on up-and-coming opportunities you may have otherwise overlooked. Which is why it’s worth asking yourself – could a barndominium be your next home?


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