There’s nothing as frustrating as being next to noisy neighbors: this is even worse in apartments where there’s only a wall between residences.  Loud neighbors can boost anxiety in some people, lead to poor sleep if they’re noisy at night, and can affect how you live your life.  

Everyone deserves better than this.

If you have noisy neighbors, and you don’t want to have to deal with it anymore, here are the top things you should consider trying.

Talk to Them Reasonably

This may sound like an obvious answer, but you can talk to them reasonably and try to let them know what’s happening: this is always the best option.  Try this first so that they don’t feel like you’re going behind their back to the landlord and so that they will feel like you still have a good neighborly relationship.

If you’re nervous about talking to them in person, consider leaving them a note.  Make sure that your tone is friendly, and try not to come off as passive-aggressive since this can force them to double down.  

Try to Find a Compromise

Compromise is the best answer for everyone since it may allow for your neighbors to be noisy at times while still ensuring you get your sleep and concentration when it’s needed.  If the problem is something like playing loud music, tell them when you’re usually out of the house or when you’re not working from home and don’t mind the noise.  If it’s something like yelling or raising their voices, there’s less room for compromise here because they may have to work that out with whomever they live with.

Talk to Your Landlord

If you’ve talked to them and tried to find a compromise, and nothing has worked: it’s time for the next step.  Talking to your landlord about it is an option that can be stressful but has to be done.  Regardless of whether you’re living in Chicago or Portland, Maine apartments: your landlord must ensure that your apartment is a safe and comfortable place for you.  

Tell them how this yelling affects your daily life and what it’s doing to your mental or physical health, and make it clear that you’ve reached out to talk to your neighbor, and they didn’t change their behavior.  This might feel like ‘tattling,’ but you deserve a living space that allows you to live peacefully.

Consider Moving

If, after all of these steps, you’ve still found no resolution and your neighbors are still loud, it may be time to move.  You can ask your landlord to relocate you to another part of the apartment complex, which would save you a lot on moving costs and finding another apartment.  If that option isn’t available, you should seek out apartments and living situations elsewhere within your city.  This might be the change you need!  

Noise can disrupt most parts of our lives, from how we sleep to the amount of focus we have when we work.  It’s good to admit when you’ve had too much so that you can make the changes to find a situation that will work for you.


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