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25 Ways to Burn 300 Calories or More


25 Ways to Burn 300 Calories or More

In the quest to exercise and burn calories, it’s easy to get into a rut. Running, cycling, yoga and strength training are all healthy ways to work up a sweat, but they aren’t the only options.

Mixing up your workouts is a great way to keep things fresh and keep your body guessing, which helps prevent plateaus. If you’re having fun by trying new things, you’re more likely to stick with it for the long haul.

With that in mind, we rounded up 25 ways to burn 300-plus calories. You’ll find some usual suspects in here, like running and swimming. But you will also find hula hooping — and we’re betting you didn’t expect that.

*Each calorie estimate is based on a 150-pound person.


1. Run at a 6 miles-per-hour pace for 27 minutes. 🏃‍♀️

2. Do Bikram yoga for 33 minutes. 🧘‍♀️

3. Twirl the hula hoop for about 45 minutes.

4. Jump rope for just 22 minutes.

5. Go for a leisurely bike ride for 44 minutes. 🚲

6. Or try spinning for 38 minutes.

7. Do a little gardening for 66 minutes. 🌱

8. Take a virtual HIIT class for 48 minutes.

9. Vacuum and mop the house for two hours.

10. Wash your car for 88 minutes. 🚗

11. Go old-school with calisthenics for 33 minutes.

12. Walk 18 holes on the golf course, and burn 300 calories per hour.

13. Go rock climbing for 24 minutes.

14. Hit the rowing machine for 38 minutes.

15. Swim freestyle laps for 27 minutes. 🏊

16. Play tennis for 32 minutes. 🎾

17. Go rollerblading for 38 minutes.

18. Go for a cross-country hike for 44 minutes.

19. Run the stairs for 18 minutes.

20. Bounce on a trampoline for 30 minutes.

21. Hit the heavy bag for 44 minutes.

22. Join a pickup soccer game for 27 minutes.

23. Or play pickup basketball for 33 minutes.

24. Help a friend move for 38 minutes.

25. Walk at a 3 miles-per-hour pace with the treadmill at an incline for one hour.

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