What happens when thirty or even forty something meets 19? A complete and total fashion disaster that leaves kids and spouses ducking for cover and wishing to God they didn’t have to be caught dead in public with their mother or spouse. Yet, despite how ridiculous it all looks put together; halter tops with skinny jeans and wrinkles to boot – far too many women try to effortlessly pull it off. They mix and match shoes, make up, hair styles and hair color from far too many decades and look like they just walked off the streets – no matter how expensive it all was to ensemble. And worse yet, these older women flaunt it, wearing pink high heels and mini-skirts showing way too much of their package – and garbage, that in earnest isn’t meant to be seen. Do they think it’s cool or sexy? Are they trying to defy age or live in the past? Do they have any clue how silly and sad they look?

AND….What is so bad about dressing your age?

First of all the women guilty of trying to mimic their teenage daughters, while carrying their 30 or 40 something body (that they should be proud of) will immediately take issue with this article. They will say things like, I can dress how I want, I work hard for this body, I look good in those clothes, this is what makes ME feel good, I am not trying to be something I am not and even more telling….YOUR JUST JEALOUS! Yes, they will think that any woman or man, who gives them a sideward glance because their muffin top is hanging over their jeans (along with their breasts) is just jealous and wishes from the bottom of their soul that she had the body (or the wife) along with the guts it must take to leave the house in clothes meant for the stick figure of a blossoming teen. Let’s be real. Just because something comes in your size, doesn’t mean you are meant to wear it.

The hard, cold facts of getting older seem to throw many women for a loop. They feel somehow that they are destined for embroidered tops with fleece pants to match, mom jeans, and the bowl haircut that resides on the heads of most women over 40. And that is absolutely not true. In fact, there are some really cute, adorable, refined, and sexy clothes that women can find outside of stores meant for teenagers and the junior aisle that would truly flaunt what these women had to offer. And remain tasteful and appropriate in the meantime! Come on ladies, what was so great about being a teen, or even a twenty

Okay, so who is going to tell her? Are you going to stop some lady in the grocery store or tell your mom, wife, sister, or friend that she dresses too young for her age? If you don’t, you are just as much to blame for the blasphemy as she is. Chances are you sit idly by and watch her get dressed, without so much as a, “Are you going to wear that?” This makes you partly to blame. After all, we cannot let the people we love or that we are friends with be one of ‘those women.’ You know the kind that everyone is talking about behind her back, but no one has the guts to confront. It becomes obvious over time when she continues to wear the clothes of youth – that she isn’t getting the message and that she feels everyone in the world is just jealous of her.

Certainly there is a medical termed coined just for this phenomena. The sad part is that no woman should feel either confined or judged by the clothes that they wear. And even sadder is that this poor woman is waving a red flag that shows just how distress she is in emotionally with the status of her birthdays. Why? It isn’t just her that is too blame. In society, women are often given the subliminal and outward message that we have to be beautiful. And very few times does aging and beautiful combine. In fact, we toss away most stars and celebrities as soon as their age begin to catch up to their face. We replace them with younger and more attractive women; forgetting that the beauty of a woman is not just her youth but her experience as well.

Given the choice of getting to know two women, one young and flamboyant, the other older and sophisticated – 90% of us would choose the latter. So what is wrong with dressing our age? Few women would go back to those uncertain, helter skelter years of youthful existence given the chance, so why do we try to look like that again? And even less women would want their daughters to suffer in silence in a world that seems to identify women as EITHER pretty or ugly. Age does not make a woman ugly.

No, you shouldn’t be told what to wear. You should be able to make decisions for yourself based on what makes you feel good. You should have the right to wear the clothes you find sexy. The thing is, that if you are one of those women, who is afraid to dress her age – you don’t look your best. Those looks you get are in awe not admiration or jealousy. Your daughter doesn’t want you to raid her closet and the juniors section is meant for juniors. This doesn’t mean you cannot be fashionable, hot as a firecracker and sexy as hell…you can. Just not in those clothes!


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