Clothing is becoming more abstract and wild in the last couple of years, and it seems like there’s no prevailing look that’s rocking the fashion world.  Instead, everyone is wearing a look that shows off their interests and giving themselves the freedom they need to be comfortable in their skin.

These are the top ways to make a fashion statement without having to worry about doing damage to your bank account.

Go for Clever Vintage Looks

Vintage is always in style, as long as it’s at least twenty years old. So pay attention to the items that catch your eye the most and that you could seriously see yourself wearing often.  Although many vintage stores are expensive: you can often find cheap duplicates of popular items to create your unique look.

Reimagine the Items You Own

Some of the items you own are still gorgeous and need a little reworking.  You can do this by replacing buttons on coats, sewing pockets into dresses, or changing a long uncomfortable dress into a two-piece set.  There are tons of inventive clothes reimaginers like Annika Victoria on Youtube that can walk you through ways to bring new life into old pieces so that you’ll be excited to wear them once more.  

Shop at Garage Sales and Second-Hand

Don’t be shy about going second-hand!  Anything from used kids’ clothes to amazing designer pieces can be found at the average second-hand site or in-person garage sale.  Pay attention to the prices so that you don’t get taken advantage of, and find pieces that speak to you.  This can be a great way to build a large wardrobe inexpensively and allow you to find unique and quirky items you may not have found otherwise.

Don’t be Afraid to Dye

Dying clothing is the best way to give it a second life beyond the one it had.  This means a dress that fits well but is in Millennial Pink from 2016; you don’t have to worry about it showing its age!  Almost anything can be dyed black, a timeless color, while other colors can be dyed to different hues or colors.  If you’re unsure about which colors you can combine to get the result you want, look at the material the item is made out of, and consider researching a small amount of color theory to find what colors you can create from it. 

Create Your Looks

If you love the clothing you own and are only changing up your look because you want to impress other people – stop!  This is a mistake that some people make that can leave us losing our sense of identity as a solitary person.  Allow yourself to dress however you want, and lean into it.  If your favorite clothing is skinny jeans, even though they’ve been out of style for over four years now: wear them anyways.  Fashion is relative, and it circles all the time.  Allow your look to be iconic and timeless if you want it to be.


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