Wildlife sanctuaries are extremely valuable. For many wildlife researchers and animal enthusiasts, these sanctuaries are sacred grounds without which many species of animals and birds would have gone extinct. 

In modern times, many animal sanctuaries are being opened up to the public so that they can see the animals in their natural habitats. Of course, this is done so with extreme precaution such that the animals do not feel disturbed by our presence. 

The experience of touring the sanctuaries is a fascinating one, and one of the best wildlife sanctuaries that you can check out right now is the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary located in Kerala, India.

Set up in the late 1900s, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is currently the 8th best biodiversity hotspot in the world. It is home to thousands of wildlife species and is one of the most picturesque natural sites in the world. A trip to this beautiful and serene sanctuary will surely do wonders for your heart and soul. And going with your family will be all the more exciting. Here is why.

A Thrilling Safari

For checking out the wildlife at the sanctuary, Wayanad arranges a daily jeep safari. It is the best way to see the animals in their natural habitats up-close. You can expect to catch glimpses of elephants, deer, monkeys, leopards, bears, and tigers. Plus, you will run into various species of birds as well.


The safari is open between 7 to 10 am, and then again between 3 to 5 pm. Each tour lasts around one and a half hours. Renting a jeep will cost you only $10, and up to 7 people can ride the vehicle at a time.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Wayanad Sanctuary is from October to May. That is when the Wayanad Weather is ideal for a safari, during this time, the monsoon will have already passed, and there will be little to no chance of rainfall. Temperatures around the place will start dropping and the cold winds will set in. 

Thus, you do not have to worry about getting all sweaty and tired during the trip, something that would have been a constant worry during the summer season. Even then, you should stay updated on the latest weather forecasts via a reliable and accurate weather app. That way, even if there is a chance of rain, you can reschedule your trip, or take necessary precautions.

Places to Check Out

Apart from the safari inside the sanctuary, you should also take the opportunity to check out some of the other tourist attractions and scenic locations around Wayanad. 

The Iruppu Falls, located 12 km from the sanctuary, has a serene waterflow. It is clean, clear, and cold, even during the noon. You and your loved ones can let the serenity around the falls consume you. You could even take a shower underneath the falls on a specific platform.

Then comes the Thirunelli Temple just 10 km away from Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The temple is of great spiritual importance to many as they come here to wash their sins away. Thirunelli also offers some mesmerizing views of the mountains. The experience there will be serene and relaxing.

Another 10 km away from the sanctuary lies Kuruvadweep, an island formed by the Kabini river. Apart from the serenity, you will also get to enjoy a bit of bamboo rafting over there. Be aware of crocodiles that may roam the banks of the Kabini.

Comfortable and Affordable Accommodation

Wayanad Sanctuary has comfortable accommodation at affordable rates. There are cabins that you can rent for the day. Prices for these double-room cabins start at $13 and go up to $40. The rooms are hidden away inside the sanctuary and surrounded by greenery on all sides. You can enjoy a serene and relaxing afternoon here with your loved ones. 

Understanding the Importance of Conservation and Biodiversity

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary plays a big role in the conservation of various vulnerable and endangered species of animals. Wayanad works closely for the conservation of vultures, elephants, jungle cats, and tigers. This conservation, and the sanctuary itself, has great biological, educational, scientific, and recreational importance. 

Understanding the importance of conservation is very important, especially for kids. So you should help your kids get familiar with these concepts like ecotourism, conservation, and the role of sanctuaries in stopping the extinction of wildlife.

At the same time, your kids will get to see how the different species of animals co-exist. The concept of biodiversity becomes very clear to them once they get to experience all this by themselves. 

All these are pretty valid reasons as to why a trip to Kerala, India will be worth it. Not only can you and your family enjoy the scenic landscapes and cold weather, but you will also get to learn a lot about conservation, wildlife, and sanctuaries. So do not miss out on this opportunity to enjoy and learn more about Mother Nature and all those who inhabit it.


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