Anyone who has gone through labor and delivery before will likely tell you that it's best to expect the unexpected. An Ontario, Canada couple's recent experience is a perfect example.

On May 10, Troy and Erika Campbell were heading to the hospital on the highway when they had to deliver the baby themselves. And because Troy began filming the experience for YouTube once Erika's water broke, their daughter's dramatic birth was captured on camera as well.

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The clip, which has also gone viral on TikTok, shows Erika in labor, chatting with her midwife when it's clear the baby isn't going to wait any longer. The midwife advised the Campbells to pull over to the side of the road and call 911.

The now dad of three did what the midwife advised and proceeded to take directions for supporting his wife's delivery over the phone. "It's coming out, it's almost out—tell me what to do please," the stunned dad says in the clip.

Once the baby was out, they put her on Erika's chest and waited for what felt like "forever" for their newborn to cry, Troy later told Global News. But 20 seconds later, the little girl, who they named Nova, wailed, offering her parents the relief that they had just welcomed a healthy baby girl.

The Campbells, who were already parents of two and run the YouTube channel The Campbell Cloud, later made it to the hospital where they did a follow-up video talking about their jaw-dropping experience. "That was bananas, absolutely bananas," recalled Troy, who mused about what would have happened if Erika had attempted to go to work that day.

She replied, "Everything happens the way it did for a reason."

Now, six days after it went live, their YouTube video has over 440K views. Troy explained to Global News why he believes it's blowing up: "It's making people realize what's really important in life."


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