If you’re considering switching from a traditional to a condensing furnace, there are five reasons to consider buying one. 

1. More Energy-Efficient Than Standard Furnaces

Condensing furnaces are more energy-efficient than standard furnaces. They capture the heat that would otherwise escape and turn it into additional heat, which saves on your monthly utility bill. A condensing furnace also has higher thermal efficiency, so you’ll use less fuel for the same amount of warm air output – this is perfect if you want to save on your bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

A condensing furnace also lasts longer because it is made of more durable material – so you’ll end up saving money in the long run if there’s ever an issue that requires furnace repair services. For many homes, energy savings can add up to hundreds of dollars per year. Investing in a condensing furnace is a good decision, not just for the environment but also for your pocket.

2. Uses Less Electricity To Operate

An energy-star-rated condensing furnace has an annual operating efficiency rate of up to 90%. This means you’ll save money on your electric bill, which in turn can be reinvested into other areas like insulation or a new water heater. Unlike traditional furnaces, condensing furnaces don’t have a pilot light. This minimizes the amount of electricity it takes to run your furnace because you won’t be using additional power for standby time or unnecessary operation.

3. Lower Monthly Operating Costs

Condensing furnaces have the capacity to lower your monthly operating costs by about 40%. This is because they can use up to 30% less energy for cooling and heating. A typical household spends between $150 to $250 per month on electricity. With a condensing furnace, this cost could be lowered down to approximately $100 or even less. The operational costs that go into running conventional furnaces are much higher, which is why it makes sense to consider a condensing furnace.

4. Quieter Than a Standard Furnace

Condensing furnaces are quieter than a standard furnace, even when they are running. This is because they don’t create hot spots of combustion like a conventional heating system does, which can lead to loud noises that reverberate through the room. The noise generated by a condensing furnace is quieter and more consistent, which means you can comfortably go on with your work and tasks while the furnace is running. With tech advancements, we can expect even more quiet models on the market in the coming years.

5. Better Air Filtration = Cleaner Air

We all know that furnaces produce dust and other particles, but what you might not have known is that these particles can contaminate the air in your home. Condensing heaters are designed to remove 99% of this contamination from the air before it’s vented outside, which means cleaner air indoors for you and your family. The filters in traditional furnaces, on the other hand, only remove about 85% of this dust and contamination. 

While traditional furnaces do a decent job at cleaning the air that’s recirculated back into your home after it is vented outside, you’ll still be breathing dirty air from time to time. On the other hand, condensing furnaces constantly remove particles from your air supply and use better air filters to eliminate dust and contaminants indoors.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

A condensing furnace is a major investment, but it will save you on your energy bills in the long term. It also reduces pollution by capturing waste heat that would otherwise be lost, and uses it to preheat air before entering into the combustion chamber. If you’re considering replacing an old or inefficient gas furnace, then it might be time to consider a condensing furnace for your home.


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